Zidane: I’m not proud of Materazzi headbutt in 2006 World Cup Final

by | Jun 19, 2022 14:54

Former France midfielder Zinedine Zidane addressed the infamous headbutt he gave Italy defender Marco Materazzi in 2006 World Cup Final: I’m not proud of it.

The former Juventus star was sent off in extra time during the clash after he headbutted Materazzi in the chest in what was his last-ever act as a professional because he retired from football after the match.

The score was 1-1 at the time at Italy won on penalties in Berlin to claim their fourth World Cup.

Speaking to Telefoot in a show ahead of his 50th birthday on June 23, he said of the incident: “I’m not at all proud of what I did but it’s part of it’s part of my past.”

Earlier in the match, Zidane had opened the scoring with a penalty on seven minutes which had chipped over Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and asked why he chose that method, he added: “It was the start of the match and I thought there would still be enough time.

“I had a second or two to think about how to take it: I had in front of me a goalkeeper who knows me really well so I had to think of something.

“In that effort, there was certainly technique, I don’t think there was madness. You can miss a penalty but in that moment it is what I had to do.”

Zidane also spoke about his career highlight, winning the 1998 World Cup on home soil. France knocked Italy out on penalties in the quarter-finals en route to victory. 


  1. Gel

    Zidane proved what a narcissist he was when he played. Did not think about his team mates, or his country. No, he had to think about himself in that moment. All Italians were laughing at you for your stupidity.

  2. JEZ

    He might not be proud but i was over the moon. Hahahaha.
    Thanks zizi…

  3. Adi

    Nerver liked zidane at all arrogant idiot

  4. Guido F

    Because of his arrogance he was frustrated that France could not beat Italy and had to vent his anger.
    He should try kickboxing.

  5. Fatecisognare

    Great player who won everything.

  6. Tony

    Never a penalty either. Dive.

  7. joe del monte

    Boy we are really digging up the past lately

  8. MC Miker G

    I should bloody well hope not! Backchat and insults are an everyday occurrence in football at all levels; for a top professional to lose their self-control and descend into violence on the biggest stage of all is a shocking failure, and his team-mates paid the price. It doesn’t matter what Materazzi said, violence is never excusable – and certainly not anything to be proud of.

  9. Rosario

    Murdoch’s media are those who I won’t forgive. There was so much victim blaming vs Matrix and also falsely being accused of making a racial slur vs Zidane by The Sun.

    This side of Zidane reared itself when things weren’t going his way especially with Juventus. I remember him head butting someone whilst on the floor in a champ league game. His mannerism during his managerial career though showed that he had actually learned from his mistakes.

  10. Gino

    Viva MATERAZZI per sempre!

  11. frankie

    Genius players are often flawed and Zidane was no different. It was always a pleasure to watch him play, but disappointed that in the two UCL finals he played for Juve, he carried an injury into the game. A fit Zidane would have made a huge difference.

  12. Brandon

    For an Attacking player he got way too many Bookings. Many for violent conduct.

    In the Final, there are a few incidents where he tried to injure Pirlo.

    By the same token, and to show my fairness, I recall when there was a wall being set up, Fabio Grosso purposely stepped on a French players foot.

  13. French TARTUFFEs

    Frenchies are the most hypocritical nation in the world, actually it was their “gutter press”propagated that Matetazzi uttered racial abuses, actually was their attention to offend their-non francophone-hero after the loss, Frenchie need the non francophone players for their national team but get scapegoated when underperforming, it’s hypocritical for Zidane and other non francophone players to play for racist nation as we remember their national coach Blanc’s request to official for using more francophone players rather than migrants in their team few years ago

  14. Peter

    A very soft penalty, and a chipped penalty that hit the crossbar on it’s way in( which no one mentions). A sour faced arrogant player , but very skilful.

  15. AZZURRI 06

    I love Zidane but I was happy to see him sent off just as I was glad when Henry left the pitch with an injury before the shoot out. Two dangerous penalty experts. I think Buffon’s brilliant save from Zidane’s header was the final straw for him. He just knew it was going to be Italy’s night.

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