Zhang: ‘Inter need a new stadium’

by | Jun 12, 2021 10:08

Inter President Steven Zhang insists the Nerazzurri will remain competitive but warns building a new stadium is a priority.

“Winning the Scudetto was an incredible feeling, we beat great opponents, including those who had won the title in the previous nine seasons. You can’t imagine what you feel when the city and the fans are so happy, especially at this moment,” Zhang told Sky Sport Italia.

“Every player is important, even those who are off the pitch. Lukaku is special, not only as a footballer but also as a man. He has a big heart and he is caring and polite to everybody. It’s rare to see someone with such a big heart. I remember that Conte insisted on signing him two years ago, and he was right to make us make this economic investment. He was the right player”.

“I don’t know if history will repeat itself, but millions of people will remember this moment.”

Antonio Conte left the club after winning Inter’s first Serie A title in 11 years as he and the club had different views about the club’s development and the long-term project.

“We invested a lot in the club, in terms of money and mental energies, to win this trophy. A club like Inter must always be competitive or on a winning path. This trophy proves we’ve done something important,” Zhang said.

“It’s crucial to build a new stadium, an innovative structure for the club that can offer many services and a different experience to the fans. Without it, we would remain behind the other clubs who have already provided the fans with a better structure.”


Steven Zhang


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