Italian rules ban players from betting on any football event and any bans given to Nicolò Zaniolo, Sandro Tonali or Nicolò Fagioli would be expanded worldwide.

Juventus midfielder Fagioli is under investigation for betting using illegal sites and it seems he handed himself in to the authorities.

Today the prosecutor in Turin also informed Newcastle United star Tonali and Aston Villa forward Zaniolo that they too were under investigation for betting.

The bets were seemingly placed when they were still in Italy representing Milan and Roma respectively.

However, if there are bans imposed by the FIGC, they would be expanded worldwide by FIFA.

All players in Italy are banned from placing bets on any football event organised in association with the FIGC, FIFA and UEFA.

Brentford striker Ivan Toney admitted 232 breaches of the Football Association’s betting rules in May 2023 and was fined £50,000 along with an eight-month ban.

The minimum Italian ban for betting on football events is three years, so would be significantly harsher.

It would be far worse for Zaniolo if the allegations are true that he bet on a Coppa Italia game involving his own club Roma when he was still in the squad.

One thought on “Zaniolo, Tonali and Fagioli betting bans would be worldwide”
  1. Innocent until proven guilty of course, but if it’s true, what is wrong with these people, it’s not like they don’t make enough money as a footballer, there is no need to do illegal (in the sporting world) actions to try to make what is probably pocket change compared to their wages. Literally putting their careers at risk for nothing.

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