The poor management of young players at Juventus was a topic hotly discussed between managers at the club, revealed in a new round of intercepted phone calls.

Corriere della Sera examined the latest reports stemming from the Prisma investigation, headed by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office, which revealed a variety of small details from the club’s management in recent months. Conversations included the focus on Juventus’ poor investments, the work of Fabio Paratici and the insufficient hiring by Andrea Agnelli.

Maurizio Arrivabene, when speaking to then FCO Stefano Cerrato, shared his criticisms of Juventus’ Under-23 squad, now known as the Next Gen team, saying: “The idea that I have is that it’s a bandwagon that we created… I’ll tell you this out of the blue, we created that because we didn’t know where to put the players anymore.”

When speaking to Stefano Bertola, sporting director Federico Cherubini expressed frustration with Massimiliano Allegri’s usage of young players, commenting: “And then you have to deal with Allegri, if once every 40 games he has to play one, he will play one of the under-23s… so much so that Max first plays one of the under-23s.”

The Prisma investigation, separate from the FIGC court’s decision to hand Juventus a 15-point penalty, is examining the club’s financial practices over the last few years, looking into allegations of false accounting.

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