World Cup qualifiers: Ibrahimovic upset, Croatia run riot

Sweden Georgia

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Sweden comeback ended in a shock 2-0 defeat to Georgia, so Spain leap to the top of their 2022 World Cup group, while Ivan Perisic and Mario Pasalic were on target for Croatia.

It was a mixed bag for Serie A players taking part in this evening’s World Cup qualifiers.

Sweden had the opportunity to put pressure on Spain when they visited Georgia and Milan striker Ibrahimovic played the full 90 minutes plus stoppages.

The 40-year-old had several scoring opportunities, as did his teammates, but were beaten 2-0 by a splendid Khvicha Kvaratskhelia brace.

It put Spain in an ideal position to snatch top spot, which they did with a Pablo Sarabia penalty for 1-0 in Greece.

Croatia ran riot in Malta with a 7-1 victory, including goals from Inter’s Ivan Perisic and Atalanta midfielder Mario Pasalic.

Marcelo Brozovic also found the back of the net, albeit for the wrong team, scoring an own goal.

Germany were even more prolific, seeing off 10-man Liechtenstein 9-0.

There were other upsets too, as North Macedonia – including Napoli midfielder Eljif Elmas – earned a 5-0 victory away to Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s Armenia.

There was more bad news for Fiorentina, as Matija Nastasic sustained an injury on international duty with Serbia and has been sent back to his club.

13 Comments on “World Cup qualifiers: Ibrahimovic upset, Croatia run riot”

  1. Poor result for Sweden, but it doesn’t change a whole lot. Either way, they’d need a result away to Spain in the final game. Now that result is a win instead of a draw.

    Some bad misses tonight and poor defending. No idea what Lindelof was doing for that second goal.

  2. I was following along and didn’t expect Georgia to beat Sweden. Why would they bring Ibra back?

    If Italy are condemned to a Playoff, we will get them, just watch.

    After a match in which he booed mercelssly, Ciruzzo will score the winning goal in the 95th Minute, off his ass, to send Gli Azzurri to the World Cup.

  3. It changes things a great deal. Only needing a Draw OR must win is a big difference.

    Spain will already have 70% Possession as it is.

    Sweden can certainly beat Spain next week but this is a massive Result.

  4. @danger seemed like Ibra decided he was coming back and that was that. At his age I think it will be a bog mistake. I like Ibra but he can barely play a regular season with Milan without being injured every other game. His ego will destroy him.

  5. Sweden missed the golden Chance to force Spain into the Playoffs. That was some bad Defending by Sweden in a crucial Match. But they have beaten Spain in the first Face-Off. Can they repeat it again ?

  6. If we were to face Sweden I fear they will do an Allegri and have 11 men behind the ball and wait for a set piece. I already ordered a pallet of Charmin ultra strong on standby.

  7. But @imposterboy I thought that eating at Mama Sid’s Pizza in Athens Georgia makes me somewhat Italian. I even eat processed string cheese. I gave up on the US mens national soccer team as they never made it to the last WC in 2018. Cannot blame a guy for trying after all I am from a rural place. 🤟

  8. Americans don’t pretend they are the best. Unlike some others from an unnamed rainy island.

    Remember 2010 and Robert Green? Nice Save, lol.

  9. I will give you that imposterboy Georgia has better weather considering its just above the Sunshine State. Congrats on the Braves winning but I guess you were also supporting the Astros. Allegri still troubling your heart? His football is even older than your grandpa’s ball sack.

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