Jack Wilshere

Jack Wilshere is training with Serie B side Como, but cannot sign for them due to Brexit, so he’s hoping a Serie A club spot him. ‘My time in England is over.’

The 29-year-old midfielder is a free agent after his six-month contract with Bournemouth expired and did not receive any other offers, so accepted an invitation from Como director Dennis Wise to train in Italy.

Due to post-Brexit rules, English passports are now non-EU, so he cannot be signed by a Serie B club.

“I had an important career and some great moments, but my time in England is over,” Wilshere told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I have a bad reputation there due to injuries. I’m looking for new challenges, people who have faith in me and another chance to prove what I can do, which is what all players ultimately want.

“I’d gladly join an Italian club straight away if given the chance. The experience at Como is a positive one, so I think I’d settle in quickly. Admittedly, it is very different, as here you work more on tactics and all the players have great technique. In England, there isn’t so much quality, it’s more about playing rough.”

Tammy Abraham has joined Roma from Chelsea this summer and Wales international Ethan Ampadu moved to Venezia on loan, so the tide is turning when it comes to Brits accepting challenges abroad.

“Those who can will stay in England, as they are close to family, earn well and the league is the best. I can only speak for myself, and the time has come for me to try something different, perhaps in Italy, perhaps in Spain, we’ll see…”

Wilshere confessed he’s still in contact with former Arsenal teammates Aaron Ramsey and Wojciech Szczesny, now at Juventus, while he studied and was inspired by Andrea Pirlo.

“In the 2014 World Cup, Roy Hodgson asked me to man-mark Pirlo, because he was 35 years old by then and pretty old. Turns out he was Man of the Match, he always managed to shake me off somehow.”

Despite his terrible luck with injuries, Wilshere did manage to put together 34 senior caps for England.

3 thought on “Wilshere: ‘My time in England is over’”
  1. “I’d gladly join an Italian club…here you work more on tactics and all the players have great technique. In England, there isn’t so much quality,”
    “Those who can will stay in England…the league is the best.”
    Utter stupidity and nonsensical rationale! How can PL be the best if it is lacking quality? He’s not wanted in England, so this pissant apparently begs for a job in Serie A. He’s been weighed, he’s been measured, and he’s been found wanting.

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