Will Juventus be relegated? What happens now? Questions and answers after board members resign

There are many questions surrounding the chaos at Juventus after the resignation of board members, including club President Andrea Agnelli and here are some of the answers about the matter.


First of all, what’s going on?

As explained on Monday night, this is not so much about the so-called Capital Gains investigation – inflating the transfer fees of player exchanges – but rather something far easier to prove and therefore penalise.

In May and June 2020, 23 players in the squad signed agreements to reduce their salaries by four months during the COVID-19 pandemic to help the club get through this difficult period.

Instead, it was reported and it seems as if Juve are struggling to prove otherwise, that the players gave up only one month’s salary. They seemingly continued to be paid wages ‘in the black’ – allowing the players and club to avoid taxes, but also falsifying the salary bill to make it seem as if the books were balanced. If there is indeed evidence of this, it would be financial fraud.

Will Juventus be relegated like in 2006?

It is still too early to know which implication this case will have on the sporting side. Juventus and other clubs involved in the sporting trial regarding inflated transfer values were cleared of allegations in April 2022, but it remains to be seen if the case will be re-opened following the latest developments.

If it does happen, then nothing could be taken for granted, but as of today there isn’t a new sporting trial so Juventus – as a club – are not in danger of facing any consequence. However, the situation is ongoing and 16 of their directors, including former sporting director Fabio Paratici, are currently under investigation and could face a criminal trial for alleged false accounting.

If a new sporting trial takes place, the Bianconeri could be relegated just on one condition.

Juventus were relegated in 2006 after a match-fixing scandal, but it was ruled by a sporting court which at the moment is not involved.

Will Juventus be sold?

No. The Elkann-Agnelli family will continue to run the club even if Andrea stepped down as President. Exor, the holding company with a controlling stake in the club, has already named a new CEO and the successor of Agnelli and will soon name the new board of directors. The shareholders’ meeting will take place on December 27.

However, fans who called for club legend Alessandro Del Piero to become President will be disappointed. What emerges from the appointments of the new President and CEO is that John Elkann wants to have specialised technical figures inside the club who have the skills to navigate the chaos and ultimately fix the financial situation. Juventus registered a record loss of over €250m for 2021-22.

Is this situation linked to the Ronaldo deal?

Not entirely. Clearly, the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018 brought a substantial financial burden which got almost out of control with the COVID pandemic in 2020.

However, the ex-Manchester United striker is somehow involved as he was one of the players who allegedly received hidden payments after the peak of the pandemic in March 2020. Investigators reportedly found an undisclosed document signed by the Portuguese superstar which basically allowed him to receive payments despite declaring that he and other team members would give up on four months’ wages.

Investigators believe Juventus players and staff members received money without communicating it to FIGC or to the stock exchange market. La Stampa reported in October that CR7 refused to meet the Turin prosecutor to answer questions about the matter.

What happens next?

The club’s shareholders’ meeting, will still take place on December 27, while the new board of directors is on January 18, 2023. The club have already appointed a new CEO and Exor have named their candidate to replace Andrea Agnelli.


Maurizio Arrivabene has resigned along with nine other board members but will remain in charge until the shareholders’ meeting in January.

After denying any wrongdoing in their balance sheet, Juventus will have to fill a new financial statement following the guidelines of CONSOB, the Italian body in charge of supervising activities in the stock exchange market, which asked for clarification on the club’s balance sheet at June 2021.

Because of CONSOB’s request, Juventus postponed the shareholders’ meeting to late December and then to January 2023.

“Juventus will continue to cooperate with supervisory and industry authorities, without prejudice to the protection of its rights in relation to disputes against the financial statements and communications of the Company by CONSOB and by the Prosecutor’s Office,” the Bianconeri said in a statement on Monday.

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  1. A new sporting investigation is a must. If they needed to keep paying staff and players in order to escape paying tax etc, that means the club was facing financial issues before and during. So, they were able to effectively gain an unfair advantage on the rest of the league. Simply unfair and it needs to be punished.

  2. rosario, nice sentences but no logic behind them. only if your logic is go on for a witch hunt. how you even manage to say all that thru your mouth only because shareholders sacked them? agnelli&co are on thin chair for couple of years

  3. rosario, nice sentences but no logic behind them. only if your logic is go on for a witch hunt. how you even manage to say all that thru your mouth only because shareholders sacked them? agnelli&co are on thin chair for couple of years

  4. What are you talking about? They case revolves around paying of players and staff without having to pay tax. If every private institution could do that, then they could all afford to be lavish with spending as well. They’ve broken the rules, their shares are suspended, and they deserve the most severe of punishments. If it was Salernitana or Empoli, they’d already be demoted.

  5. The case is on going from april so its eight months now, with them already being cleared of wrong doings but in some way it is “reopened”.

    Still, it is concerned players wage and directors paying them, and blame should be put solely onto them, from sporting perspective i cant see what kind of investigation are you talking about?

  6. It is a football club! Not a shop selling vegetables and football on the side. If the club’s books aren’t balanced as communicated, it means that they’ve been unfairly not punished by FFP, lied to the stock exchange and continued to buy players despite clearly breaking the league as well as uefa rules when it comes to sustainability. That is unfair advantage over the competition, even more so when their losses as per their last financial year is a record loss for serie a.

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    Make Serie D great again. PhD Max will not longer be ridiculed if she decides to guide the villagers in the lower levels. Either that or the local car wash awaits.

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  9. Who is English? There is only one Italian here, pirla. at least go and learn a little about lega serie a sustainability rules, before you keep spewing nonsense.


    One day…maybe one day you’ll be able to afford a flight to see the team who you pretend to bandwagon.

  11. @dammi-serieC rats always leave a sinking ship, so if they didn’t know that they were, maybe now they do?

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