Inter had penalty appeals rejected by VAR after Henrikh Mkhitaryan saw his shot deflected wide by Verona defender Isak Hien’s arm.

The incident occurred just before half-time with Inter leading 1-0 at San Siro this evening.

Mkhitaryan had run into the box and taken his curling finish, which was deflected inches past the far post when it clipped Hien’s forearm.

VAR did examine the footage and decided it did not warrant an on-field review, because the arm was considered to be in a natural position.

DAZN refereeing expert Luca Marelli, a former official himself, agreed with the interpretation of the scenario.

“Hien does touch the ball, but the arm was moving back towards his body as he was turning, so in my view it was not a penalty.”

Even without considering the arm was moving towards the body, it was already very close to the torso and not in an unnatural position, so it would’ve been extremely harsh to consider that an intentional handling offence.

Some Inter fans were not convinced by that explanation and complained online that it was ‘a great save’ from the centre-back.

One thought on “Why VAR did not award Inter penalty for Hien handball”
  1. When infringements are left to interpretations by refs. One cannot expect different results. It’s a pity that INTER never benefit from such occasions. When such things happen against inter, they are penalised.

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