Why Tottenham and Manchester City lead Juventus in the race to sign Vlahovic

by | Dec 15, 2021 12:08

Juventus are interested in signing Fiorentina star Dusan Vlahovic, but the Bianconeri are aware it will be almost impossible to get the 21-year-old in January, with Tottenham and Manchester City leading the race to secure his services.

The Serie A giants have only scored 23 goals in 17 Serie A matches this season, the worst record among the top ten in the league.

Vlahovic seems to be the right man for the job, being the second most prolific striker in Europe’s top 5 leagues with 32 goals in 41 appearances with La Viola.

The Serbian is Juventus’ No.1 option in January and is unwilling to sign a contract extension at the Stadio Artemio Franchi.

Fiorentina have offered him a new €4m-a-year deal and the club’s director Joe Barone has confirmed that the offer is ‘still valid’, adding that the club won’t change it.

Vlahovic would become the highest earner in the history of the club by signing a new deal with La Viola.

However, Juventus are aware that signing Vlahovic in the January transfer window would be extremely complicated.

Juventus plot January deal for Icardi amid rumours of disagreements with Messi

Football Italia understands Fiorentina want at least €80m to sell their striker, while Juventus can only sign Vlahovic on loan with an obligation to buy. No coincidence, they are shifting their focus on PSG forward Mauro Icardi.

The best clubs in Europe have been linked with signing Vlahovic. On Sunday, La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that PSG and Real Madrid have recently scouted the 21-year-old and, according to Tuttosport, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Borussia Dortmund and Atletico are also keeping a close eye on the Serbia international.

Barone: ‘Fiorentina’s offer for Vlahovic won’t change’

Fiorentina rejected Atletico Madrid’s €60m bid in the summer, while Vlahovic is unwilling to join Arsenal in January. The Gunners are ready to offer a fee close to €80m, sources tell Football Italia.

Tottenham and Manchester City seem to be the club in pole to secure his services. They are both looking for a new striker and Spurs are willing to invest in new signings to match Antonio Conte’s ambitions.

Contrary to Juventus, they can also offer a permanent deal to Fiorentina, while the Bianconeri can only sign the player on an initial loan deal.


  1. Sir_frosinone

    Once again I say it. Going to spurs does not help his career. He has as much chance of playing in the CL with fiorentina as he does with them. Yes they are rich like most PL clubs but they are still just a upper mid table team. Stop linking every Serie A player with them.

  2. Spursman79

    To above comment maybe you should check your facts, only 2 years ago Spurs were in CL final and with investment in good players can easily get back there so linking with Spurs is a good thing.


    Why would he join Spurs LOL.

    It`s all down to Vlahovic – if he decided to stay in Italy, Rocco will be happy to bend over again (just like in the Chiesa deal). English clubs can pay as much as they want, it`s not about money but will.

  4. Chris

    The answer.. premier league clubs have more money! No surprises there.

    Juventus are suffering financially. They wasted transfer funds on Ronaldo and Higuain and many other players like Douglas Costa and Bernadeschi and (even though he is good) De Ligt. They wasted huge wages on Ronaldo, Rabiot, Ramsey, Arthur. They are preparing a huge wage and contract for Dybala, and he might be talented but he has massive injury problems.

    Now, there is not much money left and the squad looks weak. Bad management!


    I hope Juventus will be able to sign him. Also for the journalists here that are keep trying to humiliate Juventus, stop doing this stupidity, if you are even placing little teams like Tottenham and PSG to be above Juventus, that is disgrace to your career as a sport journalist and to your pen. Go read the history of the Italian Giants first!!!

  6. Brandon

    Bears repeating: want to consider yourself a big team, you need to act like it.

    Get the money somehow. Telling me Juve can’t come up with 80M and they’ve been at this for a century and have the biggest fan base in Italy?

    They could get him for 80M and in 5 years at the ripe old age of 26 and 140 Goals later can unload him for 200M.

    This is not even a proper club anymore.

    Thing is, this player needs no convincing. Juve is the team he wants. Half the battle is won.


    Typical FI article making every foreign team look like Galacticos while the Italian ones are minnows on the verge of bankruptcy.

    My estimation is that City are not interested in him. He’s not a striker that fits with Pep’s style of play. Spurs probably see him as a replacement in case Kane leaves. But I doubt Kane will leave now that Conte is at the helm.

    The player wants Juve, his contract ends summer 23 and the player doesn’t want to renew. Fiorentina will be forced to sell him this summer and they are not exactly in a position to demand a crazy amount.

    I also don’t think Vlahovic wants to leave mid-season. My guess is that Juventus will get him this summer provided the finish in Top 4. If they do, they should have enough money to afford him.

  8. SL

    Gonna end up in England eventually anywhere so might as well be now and allow Fior to get the most for him.

  9. Brandon

    Anybody know who is agent is? Hopefully it’s Raiola because Juve seem to have a good rapport with him.

    I know this particular article is just quoting other sources but as bad as Juve’s management is, even they know that Icardi is just a stop-gap for a year or two. Probably around 30 Years Old. Vlahovic still 21.

    Fiorentina are safe and won’t go down.

    Get the kid in January since he is not Cup-tied. We will have about 6 weeks until the UCL starts up again for him to fit in with the group.

    I know, no Midfield so Dusan will be wasted. I get it. Way ahead of you. Take a flyer on Eden Hazard. Expensive, yes, but Madrid will sell him since he can’t fit in over there. If Juve can get him to revert to half as good as he was at Chelsea, then it will be better than McKinnie.

    McKinnie to Spurs or back to Texas for a dozen, used, sweaty training bibs.

    Arthur: not sure yet.

    Next. Grab Anthony Martial who can’t get a game in with ManU. But for dirt cheap. They will bite. Dybala is always injured. This is the start of his downward slope it is so clear. Re-sign him, yes, but at reduced wages because he will have a reduced role.

    Re-evaluate in the offseason. The 2 Niccolo’s will arrive off loan. Rovella and Fagioli. Props to Cremonese who is nurturing the latter the proper way.

    Then by this time next year if Fagioli plays well, Bentancur is gone.

    Rovella and either Hazard or Arthur for next year.

    I am available for Juve’s Director of Football.

  10. Brandon

    Forgot to add.

    Don’t know how long Marital’s contract lasts but he’s 26 Years Old.

    Scamacca should be a target as well. But would kinda be wasted with Vlahovic. So grab Raspadori who has different characteristics.

    Juve are going to have to open their wallets. They got lucky with Mandzukic who came cheap and he over produced. Juve think they are all going to turn out like Marione.

    Wanna be a big team, you have to spend.

  11. Milan Fan

    I don’t think he leaves in January. Doesn’t make sense. Tottenham have Kane and it’s unclear whether they will play European football next season. He’s not suited to City’s style of football and I doubt he’ll get much playing time initially. Juventus seems like the most possible option for January, but they have financial problems and all will depend on Fiorentina and whether they will accept their offer.

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