Why Ronaldo’s transfer from Juventus to Man United is under investigation

by | Dec 3, 2021 20:26

Juventus are under investigation for false accounting in the capital gains case and the Guardia di Finanza are reportedly looking for a ‘secret’ Cristiano Ronaldo document. ‘If it comes out, they’ll jump at our throats’.

La Gazzetta dello Sport earlier revealed the Turin Public Prosecutor could question Ronaldo as part of the investigation for false accounting involving Juventus.

Somehow, former Bianconeri star Ronaldo is involved, as Juventus are under investigation for alleged irregularities in the club’s accounting.

Reports have emerged in Italy regarding a ‘secret’ agreement between the Portuguese superstar and the Old Lady, but the Prosecutor’s still haven’t seen the alleged document.

A wiretap picked up a conversation of a ‘secret document that shouldn’t theoretically exist’, which the investigators believe can reveal false accounting from Juventus in the ongoing capital gains case affecting Serie A.

The investigators are still looking for the ‘secret document’ that could reveal a ‘fraudulent increase’ in swap transactions and financially neutral values, to generate fictitious revenue and providing for an operating loss of over €209m instead of €240m, and assets net of almost €29m, rather than €2m.

Corriere di Torino reports the words from a phone conversation between sporting director Federico Cherubini and the head of the legal office Cesare Gabasio on September 23, 2021.

Their dialogue has been picked up by wiretaps and the investigators heard Gabasio explaining that he ‘spoke to the Pres’, who according to the magistrate is President Andrea Agnelli.

Juventus investigation: Ronaldo and the ‘secret document’

He continues to talk about ‘making a fake transaction’ and that he ‘wouldn’t go to the extreme… of making a lawsuit because the document they have to come up with doesn’t help us so much in the balance sheet’.

That dialogue is about the ‘famous document’ concerning the former Juventus forward Ronaldo, who joined Manchester United over the summer – a document that ‘should not theoretically exist’.

Yesterday, the Guardia di Finanza went back looking for the document at Continassa and at Gabasio’s home.

The deputy prosecutor Marco Gianoglio and the deputies Mario Bendoni and Ciro Santoriello asked the witnesses in recent days to account for it.

The newspaper claims no one has confirmed the existence of the document and Maurizio Arrivabene, who was appointed as a new Juventus director over the summer, claimed he’s ‘not aware of the document and its location’.

The Prosecutor’s Office have collected all accounting, non-accounting and banking documentation, as well as correspondence and messaging, concerning the transfer of Ronaldo to Manchester United.

Corriere di Torino reports the number of suspects in the case has increased to seven people, including the head of the legal area, Gabasio.

The newspaper reveals the Juventus managers have included €30.8m of income from players’ rights, deriving from the ‘transfer of the player’ rights to capital gains’.

Juventus are being accused of ‘reporting the economic values of the sale of Ronaldo to Manchester United at the price of €15m in a different way from the truth’.

Juventus admit risk of exclusion from national and international competitions

But the report reveals the investigators are currently ‘failing to expose the effects of a private document in violation of the accounting principles’.

This document should be the ‘famous document which shouldn’t theoretically exist’, and the investigators are still looking for it.


  1. Al

    Is wiretapping legal in Italy?!


    @Al my thoughts exactly. Good thing the authorities have all the time in the world to listen to football club phone calls… Smh

  3. timothy

    sometimes i swear i wish there is a way that could move juventus out of italy , italy is a shame

  4. Andrea

    @Al. That’s exactly what I was thinking however this isn’t the first time they have used evidence against Juve using a wire tap, Calciopoli all started from wire taps. They may have built a case and then got it apporoved via legal channels, just don’t see how you can do this illegally and then use it as evidence. As an accountant myself, anything being done in the grey area should be discussed face to face, this was a pretty stupid conversation to have over the phone.

  5. kunz

    @timothy Oh we think on the same wavelength. Juve played major parts for Italy’s league, economy, pride, you name it. Without Juve, Serie A is long gone and dusted. They just didn’t realize what Juve did, blinded by jealousy and their own incompetence. Don’t blame Juve for your own incompetence.

  6. Zambrotta

    Calciopoli was started by the Telecom Italia head, who coincidentally was also a board member at Inter, and just forgot to include the inter wiretaps who were actually worse than Juve’s, until statute of limitations come in.

    I’m sure the same thing will happen now if you look at strange Inter transfers like Lukaku, Hakimi or Vanheusden.

  7. chpo

    Yes, malfeasance and fraud should be prosecuted but don’t forget that every team is doing this. I remember the report that about 30% of the Premier League players did blood doping a few years back. Nothing happened at all. Don’t concentrate on Juve so much or include the whole UEFA as well.

  8. Kam

    Wiretapping would come about when authorities have suspicion or “just cause” to tap calls. ie someone tipped them off.

    Not that I believe anything other than a slap on the wrist (maximum) would come of this.

  9. MR. Moratti

    A cheater will never change its spots. In Juve’s case, a zebra will never change its stripes. This club is shaming Italy and series A, why don’t they just deduct all of their points and send them back to where they belong. That should send a clear message to them that cheating will never be tolerated. Although I think Serie C would be better this time around.

  10. Urban Sombrero

    Why do people think saying everyone done it makes them innocent? If everyone has done it then everyone is guilty! Now let’s see the proof?

  11. Al

    Why they are only investigating Juventus ? They said there were other clubs like Milan and Napoli were doing the same? Why the authorities do not investigate all the suspected offenders at the same time? Or why they do not do sweeping investigations across the league when the season is over? Why only Juventus in the middle of the season? When the whole country (and the world) are trying to recover (economically at least) from the pandemic , why is the Italian authorities are focusing on Juventus as if there’s no tomorrow? What’s the urgency? I’m not Italian but I love Italy, and just looking from outside, all what I see is a witch hunt.

  12. Ravanelli


    The Osimhen case was highlighted as the major one when this first broke out.
    Then poof, no words since.

    Focusing on Juve helps them advance their careers.

    Remember that prosecutor drama queen who was yapping to the media “the only VAR audio file I was looking for was missing!!! Look at me I’m a saint and a martyr ”

    Only problem he was talking about a yellow card for which a VAR audio file would not exist in the first place.

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