Monza announced this morning that Andrea Ranocchia had terminated his contract by mutual consent, a decision made by the former Inter defender and not the club.

The 34-year-old Italian defender ended an 11-year association with the Nerazzurri in the summer, joining the newly promoted Monza on a free transfer. Ranocchia was keen to return to action after remaining a backup option with Inter over the last few years, but things did not go to plan.

Ranocchia suffered a compound fracture of the fibula of his right leg and sprained his right ankle in his first Serie A appearance for the club in a 4-0 loss to Napoli in August. Initially he expected to sidelined for around three months, but the latest tests suggested that he wouldn’t be fully fit until February or March at the earliest.

As detailed by, Ranocchia was the one who decided to terminate his contract with Monza, who were willing to stand by the 34-year-old. The former Inter captain was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to play his best after returning and he didn’t want to receive his salary whilst not contributing, pushing him to decide to leave the club after just three months.

7 thought on “Why Ranocchia left Monza after just three months”
  1. @Mohammad…

    1. He said that he decided to leave by mutual consent.

    2. The article also states that he decided, himself, to leave as per

    3. Your comments, including this one, are generally incorrect.

    4. The question becomes why? Are you an armchair critic? Perhaps you are really not a Nazionale fan.

  2. @mohammed usually i kind of agree with you, but you didn’t get the point of this article.

    Ps: far be it from me to praise FI, they mess up quite a lot but not on this ocasion.

  3. @mohammed has always been a clown. The funniest aspect of it, is that he’s a very restless person likes being everywhere for a mention.

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