OWNIC is creating a platform that uses dynamic NFT (dNFT) technology to create a unique link between digital collectibles and the real world. 

A central part of the plan is building a thriving Discord community, allowing users to communicate freely and easily with each other. This can be about anything to do with the sports you love, including football of course, as well as the latest news about OWNIC.  Click here to find out more about OWNIC.

OWNIC’s platform is based on the concept of digital sports cards, which you can scout, buy and trade. The cards give you access to the platform’s games and utilities, and accrue Prima Power (xP) based on how athletes perform both on and off the pitch.  For more info on the games OWNIC offers, click here.

Click here to join OWNIC’s Discord community now.

What is Discord?

Discord is a free online platform that combines the instant chat style messaging of apps such as Slack, with the voice calling capability of Skype. Initially created for the gaming community, Discord now has a far broader appeal with some 250 million reported users. 

As well as being incredibly useful for gaming, Discord has become a hugely popular tool for other social and organisational needs. You can chat via voice, video and text on Discord, which primarily uses private, invite-only servers to connect you with other users. 

You can join multiple Discord servers, which can also contain multiple channels, allowing you to quickly and easily keep tabs on different communities and conversations. It’s a more targeted experience than social media channels that rely on algorithms to show you what they think you want to see, as you only engage in the conversations with the people you want to talk to. 

Shared interests are central to the concept, which can be used for everything from small family groups to large communities with thousands of members. Ideal for engaging in the online communities you care about, OWNIC’s Discord is the place to go for all the latest information about what’s happening with the platform. 

Become a member of OWNIC’s Discord server to learn more about the platform.

What’s happening at OWNIC’s Discord?

OWNIC is using its Discord server to keep members updated on all the latest info about the platform. This includes which footballers and other athletes are signing up, as well as the dates for pre-sales and drops. You can also get whitelisted for the drops by being an active member of the server, or completing tasks such as recruiting new members. 

The Discord server is also the place to go for more information about the platform and the games and utilities it offers. You can find out everything you need to know about the digital collectibles and how to use them to play against other owners. You’ll get sneak peaks at trading cards and the ratings players are given, and be the first to know about any news relating to OWNIC. 

How to join Discord

It’s easy to sign up to Discord via the OWNIC invitation link. Simply click ‘Accept Invite’ and enter the username you want people to call you. After accepting the terms of service and privacy policy, hit continue and if required, complete the captcha to confirm you’re not a bot. 

You then need to verify your age and in order to be able to send messages on the server, enter your email address and password. After verifying your email address, you can also enter your phone number to gain deeper access to the server. 

Click through this link to join OWNIC’s Discord now.

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