Why Milan vs. Spezia can’t be replayed despite clear referee’s mistake

by | Jan 18, 2022 14:31

Milan vs. Spezia is unlikely to be replayed despite a request from the Italian association for the protection of consumer rights CODACONS.

The Rossoneri suffered a 2-1 loss against Spezia last night following a clear mistake from referee Marco Serra.

The 39-year-old didn’t play the advantage, giving a free kick to Milan while Junior Messias was about to find the net with a fine curler.

The goal was cancelled out and, on top of that, Spezia scored a late winner through Emmanuel Gyasi.

CODACONS President Marco Donzelli asked the FIGC to replay the match because the referee committed an ‘incredible technical mistake’ as proved by his reaction.

Serra immediately apologised to Milan players but could not give the goal to the Rossoneri after blowing his whistle.

The 39-year-old will be suspended for at least two matches and resume his season in Serie B.

However, the match won’t be replayed because Serra didn’t make a mistake in applying the football law, so the game can’t be cancelled.

The referee was reduced to tears at the end of the match, but a few Milan stars, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, went to his dressing room to console him.

Milan vs. Spezia referee reduced to tears, Ibrahimovic consoled him

epa09691803 AC Milan?s Ante Rebic (C) and his teammate Olivier Giroud speak with the referee Marco Serra during the Italian Serie A soccer match between AC Milan and Spezia at Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan, Italy, 17 January 2022. EPA-EFE/MATTEO BAZZI


  1. dlp

    The most laughable request I’ve ever hear.. Can England request a rematch with Argentina too!? or Italy with South Korea!? or how many Inter – Juve should be rematched!? what a chaos it would be

  2. Interello

    Ridiculous even suggesting this.

    And it wasn’t a technical mistake, it was a judgement mistake.

    Let’s Go Brandon!!!

  3. Blog

    Did all the match have goal disallowed for advantage play like this one? It was stupid to bring other match with another situation.
    No need to rematch, we milan fans will move on from this like always

  4. No more BORING, boring inter

    The more you stick to this, the more you belittle Milan and Serie A as a whole. I said it right after the match. If the second team needed an advantage ball to beat a sixteenth or fifteenth team to be at its backyard then the problem lies mostly with the team itself.

    It’s not as if this hapoened vs Inter or Juventus. Come on, breath in and out … don’t get any stupid … we have seen a hell of mistakes in football, a lot worse than this … damn … what is getting in to people’s mind? This is an error in judgement nothing more nothing less … have we not the worst in Roma Vs Juventus? Inter vs Juventus … cime onnnnn people …

  5. Martin

    Now Milan fans are getting a taste of what it’s like for us Roma fans. We are continually slain by referees.

    Leaves a bitter taste eh?


    Why nobody talked about it when happened to Roma?

  7. Ravanelli

    Watch as Milan fans continue to complain about this for years. Oh wait this was not against Juve, so this will be forgotten in a few weeks.

  8. Ranajaya

    @MARTIN. Milan has been given decision against them in a lot of games this season, In italy or Europe.
    vs atalanta, the pasalic goal, vs roma (1st) where karsdrop should’ve see the 2nd yellow earlier. Milan won both these games, so they don’t see the light of day
    Roma‘s doesn’t have any relevancy because they always lost regardless, getting outplayed, and to be frank, not in the race of scudetto.

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