Why Juventus won’t sack Allegri despite Nedved’s complaints

by | May 13, 2022 15:59

Although Juventus experienced a very disappointing season under Massimiliano Allegri, they have no plans to sack the Italian coach despite Pavel Nedved’s complaints.

Nedved was furious following the Bianconeri’s Coppa Italia final defeat to rivals Inter on Wednesday and he had a serious confrontation with the Italian coach after speaking to the squad.

The Juventus director was unhappy with Allegri’s substitutions and the general lack of visible progress this season. He later expressed this anger to Andrea Agnelli, unwilling to drop the complaint. Back in 2019, the former midfielder was one of those who pushed for the coach to be dismissed.

Despite Nedved’s frustrations, which are seemingly shared by a large part of the fanbase, Agnelli has no intention of dismissing Allegri this summer, with three reasons in particular standing out.

The first of these is that the Juventus chairman trusts Allegri and believes that he can turn the situation around in Turin following a tough return season. It’s clear that the team are in transition following the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo and Agnelli feels that the former Milan coach is the right man to oversee this.

The second reason is the long contract Allegri holds with Juventus; his deal expires in 2025 and he earns €7m net per season plus add-ons, so it would be incredibly expensive for the Bianconeri to dismiss him early.

Finally, Agnelli understands the various difficulties encountered this season and he appreciates the fact that Champions League qualification was still secured. The late departure of Ronaldo and serious injury suffered by Federico Chiesa clearly had an impact on Allegri’s work this campaign, so the Juventus chairman still holds faith.


  1. jUULESY

    As if Allegri would have got the best out of Ronaldo even if he had stayed! We sadly look set to remain in this rut for a while yet unless our key players and any new buys take it on themselves (like Nedved himself did on the pitch back then)


    Nedved should just call it quits as Operation Dumbo will be there to stay for even longer then the 3 years. Lifetime contract for the 2 time winner of the lost CL finals. The best way to gauge PhD Max, leader of the Medieval Ball, would be to do a job swap. Give him Man City for a month with all their talent, and watch Mahrez play as a right back, De Bruyne as reserve center back and Foden as a defensive holding midfielder.

  3. DP

    Mr. Nedved, other than yelling at the players and coaches, what else have you done over the past few years? what knowledge on football management have you shown in the past few years?
    the whole Juventus hierarchy is responsible for this decline, yes, including all from Agnelli, Nedved, the gone Paratici, training staffs, medical staffs, and needless to mention the coaches and the players.
    it should be Marotta Juve should bring back. He built the Juventus that has won 9 scudetti. after he left, Juventus started to decline. bring back the one who knows how to build a team..

  4. NOrata

    Right. Guardiola is doing so much better at City. He might even match Ranieri’s achievement while spending 900+ mill in the process. But it’s exciting to watch…

  5. David

    Those players are to blame for everything that has happened so far this season.why give up the lead in such a match.allegri has proven to be a good coach after winning so many titles.he inherited a terrible squad that was on a decline. Lets wait for next season before blaming him

  6. Alessandro

    And the best thing about Max staying we get to witness more of schizophrenic rumbling by lord slowpoke

  7. Penaldo

    I love how people always bring up Chiesa’s injury halfway through the season to defend Allegri, which ignores the fact that he did have Chiesa available for the previous half… and had him playing as a fullback. No player would change Juve’s results this season- the problem is Allegri and he’s sucking the life out of this club

  8. Ray Piero

    How many league titles has Pep won with Man City? How many champions leagues? Exactly lol

    Allegri record speaks for it self. This season has been crap but we will be back next season.

    Have faith Forza Juve

  9. italboy

    I suggest if supporters are not happy with Allegri then they need to act by
    not going to watch them. An empty stadium would be show this, unfortunately this will never happen so everyone needs to grin and bare the boring tactics again
    The main reason he will not be sacked is it would be an admission they were wrong to hire him again.

  10. fino alla fine

    Anyone with the name Penaldo clearly knows nothing about football. You cant ignore Ronaldo’s departure and the aging backline. And we had to put up with Ramsey

  11. Julz

    I’m the biggest Juve fan and I was trying to think positively but Allegri is not the man for the job he is not the man to bring greatness back to Juventus which is heartbreaking for our future.


    Keep whining about Mister Allegri as if you hold first degree certificates in football. You are a bunch of football fans who, if I may say, understand nothing about football and only:

    1. Want beautiful football because you became jealous of teams who play beautiful football (by the way there aren’t a lot of them). Since Guardiola’s Barca and you are in this state of madness. PITTY!
    2. You ignore the Mister’s achievements and the fact that he always achieves, and simply just keep whining. BORING!
    3. You (the same lot of people) believe Chiesa is one of the best, yet you ignore how his absence affected the team. Not only Chiesa, the whole lot of injuries we had. NONESENSE!
    4. You ignore the fact that in 3 years, the management changed 3 managers, and accordingly 3 different teams, and you ignore how that affects the team. IGNORANT!

    God help you with your mentalities.

    Forza Juve … Forza Allegri


    And guess what?! he is staying for long as the article says. and if you think next year he will screw up, allow me to tell you that’s not going to happen. He built a team, he’ll have enforcements, and Next year he will win the double for sure and will stay for even longer.

    So wake up from your dreams, get used to him, and watch football and don’t bore us with your endless whining>

  14. Brian

    Juventus will lose more money if they keep Max because no one will ever go to watch their matches next season. It’s never late to stop loss

  15. NOrata

    Moggi has spoken. We miss Moggi, protector of Juve against wiretapping losers.

  16. Zizou

    If you choose nickname Forza Moggi then pretty sure one would say that you are deluded or even more truthfull call you an idiot. Same goes for the comments you make … deluded!


    lol this clown Moggi is calling out people who dare question Project Dumbo. As if you are an expert. Oh sorry my bad, maybe you’re more experienced in the history of archaeological fossil football then us peasants. Okay 3 managers in 3 years. How did Sarri, who knows nothing about the Juve DNA still limp across the line? How did a novice still get 2 trophies in his debut season? Let me guess Ronaldo… Also the worse stats of his career in a long while under the Grandmaster. Vlahovic and Zakaria were brought in and yet Italiano made better use of his talents. PhD Max and his record is in the past and built off the back’s of other people. Now he is building back slower, older and wiser.


    He is staying guys .. he is staying LOOL


    In my view, Nedved’s time has come to an end. The players at Allegri’s disposal this season is not good enough for the type of football Nedved is yearning for.

  20. Brian

    If you are a true Juve fan and a literate Football fan , how is it possible for you to not get annoyed at Allegri constantly losing big matches almost always at second half either to due to wrong substitutions to make the team more defensive or either not substituting players when it is absolutely needed. want proof ? well look at Villarreal’s first leg . Juve had the game in control until locatelli and rabiot got so exhausted in 60th minute and were overrun by Villarreal’s midfielders but Max failed to substitute any of them until he conceded a goal .

    You could easily see the same pattern in the second leg, he didn’t make any noticeable change to re-control the game in the second half and then again got overcoached by Emeri in the same minutes.

    Again in Coppa Italia Final , he brings in defenders at 60th minute and again gets punished for that . He clearly constantly fails to maintain control over every single match where his team has been better .

    Remember the match with Bayern Munich in UCL ?
    Taking out Morata ! Oh For God’s Sake

    Guys I love Juve and I understand why some of you like Max cuz he has won trophies before ( which of course can be credited to Conte’s team ) but seriously his mentality takes juve nowhere.


    @Brian, look at the players at his disposal… we cannot blame Max for all of our problems. The blame must be shared equally between the players, coaching staff and Management.


    @Juventino you are absolutely right. But try to make the Anti-Allegri people understand that.

  23. Antiallegri

    Allegri bots in the like if moggi and norata have lost a bug chunk of the brains.

  24. Arn Paul

    Who would replace Max? The only ones I like are Zizou and our own Vinny Italiano. Would be nice to see if he COULD BRING the best out of DV7.


    @Moggi @NORata

    Phd Max and Operation Dumbo need to stop.
    Phd Max need to be sacked and I’d like to be the one to do the sacking.
    I’ve shaved my sack just to feel his tongue cupping it like a jock strap.

    So i guess I’ll do the sacking but maybe Phd Max can return the favour. I hope the carpet matches the drapes.

  26. NOrata

    Ok you’ve said some weird stuff on here but trying to convince us that you have a sack, albeit even an empty one, is a stretch to anyone’s imagination. You keep sending your unanswered love letters to Max and in the meantime, remember to pay your parents for the use of their broadband to look up Allegri deep fakes.


    If you really want to join in NOrata, just come out..

    you’ll be free and then join in with me, PhD Max’s clean shaven sack, and Nedved’s blonde down below

    always room in our circle for you

  28. Kurdi

    lol look at the players he have says some of you, as a milanista we have the worst players but we still manage to win. Allegris tactics are old and he never makes young players good. 1 example kulusevski…selling him was a stupid move

  29. NOrata

    Nah, you’re alright, although I do respect your lifestyle choices.

  30. NOrata

    I got the oil and want it now.

  31. NOrata

    Can you help shave my sack, I have never used a razor before?


    lol favour. Again Sherlock we spell it as favor. The British are always sloppy with details just like their food and pasty women. Cannot blame them as it rains like 360 days a year. No wonder why Frittata is always so serious and moody.

  33. Frankie

    The facts of the matter are that Juventus has not been able to beat a team above it all season. In most of those games Juve was competitive and often in front, but Allegri choses to shut up shop with 30-40 minutes to go and invites teams to score – and they inevitably did. His substitutions have been often terrible this season, with the latest joke subs against Inter in the Coppa Italia. And finally, the facts speak clearly – no player has improved under Allegri this season – Vlahovic, Chiesa, Locatelli, Zakaria, De Ligt all have regressed. Pellegrini is in and out of the side when he should always be starting before a decrepid Sandro. Allegri has spent two years on holidays chasing women and the sun and has not learnt a thing from other coaches about how the modern game is played. He will destroy the remaining confidence of the players if he stays beyond this season.

  34. Droga

    I agree with Frankie and hopes Alegri stays.

  35. Ringo

    It would be interesting if any of these team member would say anything on Allegri…they have been too silent

  36. Juvemania

    Which of the teams ahead of us did we beat? And how was Chiesa performing before his injury? Allegri should be sacked simple

  37. Many wise guys

    Nedved backstapped Marotta.
    Nedved to blame for Paratici.
    Nedved needs to go!!!

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