Why Juventus transfer policy could prevent Pogba’s return

by | Sep 17, 2021 19:21

Even if Mino Raiola said Paul Pogba could return to Juventus, the Bianconeri’s transfer policy might prevent the Frenchman’s second spell in Turin.

Pogba’s contract with Manchester United expires in the summer and his agent Mino Raiola has opened the door to a possible return of the 2018 World Cup winner in Turin.

Pogba can sign a pre-contract agreement with any other club from January, leaving Manchester United as a free agent at the end of the season.

Raiola admits Pogba could return to Juventus

“We’ll talk with Man Utd and we’ll see what happens,” Raiola said in an interview with Rai Sport.

“Paul still loves Turin. There’s a chance that Pogba will return to Juventus, yes, but it also depends on Juventus plans.”

So, what are Juventus plans?

The club would be willing to sign Pogba again in the summer, but it remains to be seen if they will match his salary demands.

Pogba earns €15m-a-year at Old Trafford and, as of today, Juventus would not be able to offer him as much.

Juventus’ director Federico Cherubini has recently explained the club’s strategy for the next few years, confirming that the Serie A giants must lower their wage bill.

“If in the past, there were players with a solid background, now there are different players with a great potential that the coach will have to develop,” he told Tuttosport.

Cherubini: ‘Juventus regret not signing Haaland, not Donnarumma’

“We remain very competitive and we still want to win, but using a different approach.

“We already know the budget for the future and how much money we can spend on new signings.

“I am sure we will be able to get other opportunities, signing young prospects, possibly Italians, even if we need to pay attention when making predictions.

“We have to understand which kind of market we’ll face when the pandemic will be over.”

Football Italia understands that Juventus’s current transfer policy prevents the Bianconeri from offering a salary exceeding €9-10m before taxes to any new signing. On paper, Pogba’s return to the Allianz Stadium is impossible.

However, the situation can change over the next few months, depending on Juventus’ revenues after the COVID pandemic.

Perhaps, they could decide to make an exception to sign their former midfielder, but at the moment, they haven’t made any decision regarding Pogba’s possible return to Turin.

The Old Lady’s board of directors approved a capital increase of up to €400m in August and, today, they announced a loss of almost €210m for 2020-21.

Juventus announce loss of almost €210m, insist Super League project is ‘legitimate’


Paul Pogba


  1. Donato Totaro

    In other words. No Raiola we can not pay you your usual 10$ million fee if we wanted to sign Pobga, on top of his huge salary. And I can’t blame them. If they did not have Ramsey, Arthur and other sponges on their payroll maybe they could.

  2. Mark

    Juve screwed themselves with horrible transfer policies the past 3-4 years. Don’t understand that over paying of poor players that came in via a free transfer.

  3. Nana

    No one wants to play for this crap club. Pogba is not Pjanic, he is a star player. This clown club with its clown manager plus his pathetic tactic, and clown management cannot afford star players. Even if they can, they don’t know how to use them. I hope Chiesa, Kulusevski, and De Ligt go to a bigger club next season, they deserve a better career

  4. Chris

    It makes sense in a way… Juve are paying HUGE salaries to Rabiot and Ramsey, and they do nothing. Before that, they had Higuain who cost 90 MILLION and was on a huge salary, and Khedira who was on a huge salary.
    Ronaldo was a different matter- his salary was obscene but he did guarantee 30 goals per season and 100million fans,
    Juve need to be smarter. Chiesa is the ideal signing. Very hungry, very skillful and young. If Juve had 15 of those, they would be in great shape.
    Cant afford passengers and huge money players. Is Pogba really that good??

  5. Roy

    Agree with @Chris

  6. EL CID

    This is weird… After Paratici’s gone, who wants Pogba at Juve? NONE! Even Paratici confessed Juve never consider to take Pogba back with his huge salary demand. This is now Cherubini’s project. He wants to build Juve team around talented young (prioritize Italian) players. So respect the guy, give him some time and never consider what comes out from this parasitic agent.

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