La Gazzetta Dello Sport confirms most Juventus players are unhappy with the training retreat at Continassa, but there are more reasons why their rapport with coach Massimiliano Allegri is collapsing.

Juventus are preparing for tomorrow’s derby della Mole against Torino, days after their 2-0 loss against Maccabi Haifa in the Champions League on Tuesday.

Coach Allegri has imposed a training retreat at Continassa until tomorrow. Gazzetta confirms not all players are happy with the coach’s decision and reveals the reasons behind the players’ frustration.

Almost all believe the training retreat is useless in resolving their crisis. However, they haven’t had a confrontation with the coach yet and most Juventus players think Allegri should have a more direct rapport with them and talk more often to the team.

Lack of communication off the field is mirrored by the confusion shown by the team on the pitch during matches.

According to the report, some players don’t understand Allegri’s line-up choices as the coach doesn’t provide explanations when they are snubbed from the starting XI.

There are concerns also regarding training methods. Juventus players run a lot during training sessions but keep a low intensity, which is also mirrored on the pitch. Most believe the training retreat won’t solve their problems. On the other hand, there are a few things that Allegri and his staff should change in their approach to turn things around.

7 thought on “Why Juventus players are unhappy with Allegri”
  1. Allegri has not made any difference in over 15 is a ritiro going to change things??? What a delusional bunch!!!

  2. This is not a happiness contest! Players are payed MILLIONS and should behave like PRO athletes, not a like a bunch of pussies.

  3. Ah the clown has shown her face after days of hiding under bed. Haifa can do that. Those players need to show more gratitude and respect for the master of bush league zombienaccio. After all Roberto Carlos and Cafu are loving it and getting minutes galore. Dusan needs to accept reality. He chose the mountain goat calcio, but could have gone to the PL. 2 years and maybe of PhD Max. They better knuckle down or put in a request to move. In Flinstone Max we trust.

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