Why Juventus have upper hand over Milan and Tottenham for Zaniolo

Juventus have the upper hand over Milan and Tottenham Hotspur in the race for Nicolò Zaniolo, as they can offer several players to Roma.

The Giallorossi are increasingly prepared to sell Zaniolo this summer if the €50m price-tag is met, as there are concerns over negotiating a contract extension for the deal that expires in June 2024.

While Antonio Conte’s Tottenham could pay the whole sum in cash, the Italy international seems eager to remain in Serie A for the time being.

That narrows it down to Milan and Juventus, but La Gazzetta dello Sport explain that the Bianconeri have the upper hand because they can lower the fee by including many players in an exchange deal.

Weston McKennie is one alternative, but younger players are more likely, such as Filippo Ranocchia, the midfielder currently on loan at Vicenza.

Nicolò Rovella is a potential candidate, as he was purchased from Genoa in January for €23m and remained there on loan, but probably has no place in Turin.

Less known youth players on the Juventus books are striker Ange Chibozo, attacking winger Mattia Compagnon, centre-forward Leonardo Cerri, defender Diego Stramaccioni and right-back Tommaso Barbieri.

9 Comments on “Why Juventus have upper hand over Milan and Tottenham for Zaniolo”

  1. It’s logical that Roma wants cash
    But Rannochia and Rovella are actually good and better than Mckennie imho
    It’s just that Juve is already filled up in the middle of the park
    Mckennie for Zaniolo ? hmm I wouldn’t go for that if I were a Roma Manager
    I think 40M plus Rovella is actually a good deal for Roma . Rovella probably the best of those three

  2. with juve getting di mario this may put a dent in getting zaniola – cant see juve paying big wages for both – cant afford it

  3. Never going to happen. Chiesa was a rare purchase as PhD Max was still hibernating in the bat cave. Now that he is back, Nicola does not fit the profile. He is too young, skilled and Italian. PhD Max will take 10 Cafu Danilo’s over him.

  4. Why give Allegri another young talent to ruin. Zaniolo will be stiff and inhibited under Allegri just like Chiesa.

  5. Zaniolo just too overrated, he doesn’t worth 60 mil.
    He is levelled with rovella and not so flexible as mckennie
    Juve still doing a garbage deal if they still go for zaniolo with term like this

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