Cristiano Ronaldo is taking legal action against Juventus, looking to receive €19m in deferred wages, but the club are confident that they’ll win the case.

Tuttosport via detail how the Portuguese star’s lawyers have presented a case to CONI’s Court of Arbitration, requesting that the club pay the deferred €19m agreed during their ‘salary manoeuvres’ in the COVID pandemic.

An investigation between Consob and the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office revealed that the agreements signed in those salary manoeuvres were respected by the club, with the involved players being paid the three months wages they agreed to waive. Ronaldo never signed those private contracts.

Juventus lawyer Cesare Gabasio and his team claim that, without that contract, Ronaldo has no right to demand repayment from the club. The documents sent to the Court of Arbitration by Ronaldo’s legal team, the report continues, are invalid because they relate to the Prisma investigation.

Another key document brought forward by the Old Lady relates to when the Portuguese star decided to leave to Manchester United in the summer of 2021. In order to secure his exit, the forward signed an agreement stating that he no longer had any outstanding debts with the club.

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