Why Inter are keeping Dybala on ice

Inter are keeping Paulo Dybala on ice for several reasons and the situation is at a complete standstill, as confirmed by director Beppe Marotta.

The chief spoke to reporters including TMW and Sky Sport Italia this evening while attending an event in Milan.

“I won’t deny that we met with Dybala’s representatives. We need to explore new avenues and Dybala is one of those we are currently looking at, but in order to reach a conclusion, we need the parties to converge in the same direction.

“There is no agreement right now.”

According to Sky Sport Italia, Inter are keeping Dybala on ice and haven’t even spoken to his representatives for 10 days because they are already bringing back Romelu Lukaku on loan from Chelsea at a cost of €8m plus bonuses.

Even if Alexis Sanchez is sold, and that is by no means a guarantee right now with the Chile international rejecting several proposals, it would still leave Lautaro Martinez, Lukaku, Edin Dzeko, Joaquin Correa and Dybala.

That is too many forwards to sustain and Dzeko, despite earlier suggestions, is not on the market.

The idea would be to have four star strikers, plus a youngster probably promoted from the youth team to gain experience.

So unless Correa is also sold or at least loaned out at a fee, Inter cannot make room for La Joya.

They can also afford to wait, because Dybala has found no rush of clubs breaking down his door offering the kind of salary he is asking for, as Milan are reticent and Roma aren’t in the Champions League.

That is another issue, as Marotta also warned they “need the parties to converge in the same direction,” which is seen as a reference to agent Jorge Antun’s commission demands and the wage package of over €7m per season requested by Dybala.

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  1. Dybala only has himself to blame. I am not a fan of the Juve management, and how Agnelli didn’t even have the courtesy to attend the meeting, when they decided to end the relationship. But it takes two to tango. His attitude became poorer. Nedved had to remind him of what it means to represent Juve and be a professional. Not celebrating a goal and making a gesture, thinking he is a top 5 player of the world is delusional. Having a former car salesman who was not even registered to practice in Italy sums up his business sense. Raiola would never go to bat for his clients and come out with less. Having a girlfriend distracting him and making him wear silly clothes, shows he took his eye of his job. Next are the injuries and not being able to fulfil his role and be there in pivotal champions league matches. I said it last week, Sevilla made a fair offer for his age, injuries and ability. That club is perfect for him. They are a solid team and he could still get a move to a bigger team if he proved up to task for 2 years. No other giant is looking at him for a reason. The entourage, injuries, attitude and mental immaturity was his own doing. Juve offered him a fair salary and now he looks foolish. Going to Inter makes sense if he could get more money, but now he will have to eat humble pie, and get either nothing or a reduced salary.

  2. If Dybala loves Juve, he would renew the contract in 15 minutes @ 8m couple of years ago.
    He is a clown. Period.

  3. Great analysis Jeremy. Could not have said it better.

    Having said that, I still hoped that he would stay in Juve because I dont have any faith in our management being able to bring a player superiour to him.

  4. Juventus screwed up big time with this guy, but Dybala entourage seems pretty toxic. They are asking for too much when in reality, even if it is non-sense to deny Dybala’s talent, his inconsistency and injuries are the trademark of his career and not his performances. A pay per play contracti, with a decent base salary at 5m, looks reasonable. Seems, though, the main problem is the signing on fee his agent is asking, maybe they are asking for 15m-20m and that would shay away any serious club

  5. @Jeremy, I cannot fault your analysis. Spot on, but hopefully Dybala goes to AC Milan. It is the lesser of two evils for me. Really good player when fit but not reliable.

  6. Jeremy nailed it. He’s FREE so where are all the top clubs fighting for his signature??? Sure, people like to throw mud at Juve just because they’re Juve but when it comes to putting money on the table, everyone would rather fold. Hypocritical at its best.

  7. The only mistake Juve’s management made was keeping the $10mil per season offer on the table for as long as they did. Ultimately, they wised up and let him walk. I’m extremely happy this kid and side show agent are gone from Juve.

  8. @Jeremy could you please stop spreading the lies? Juve DID NOT offer him ANY contract. They just lied to him! Piemonte Calcio promised him a contract offer and then retracted that. Dybala is free to join any club because Juventus betrayed him.

    @Dytraitor: Dybala was unable to renew the contract because Juventus decided after all the drama NOT to offer him a renewal. Who`s the clown now?

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