Why Dybala wouldn’t be a traitor if he joined Inter

by | May 4, 2022 19:02

It’s seeming increasingly likely that Paulo Dybala will join Inter on a free transfer soon and it’s unfair to suggest that he’d be a traitor for doing so.

The Argentinian forward will soon cut ties with Juventus after seven years in Turin, ending a defining chapter in his career. Dybala has given a lot to the Bianconeri since his arrival from Palermo in 2015 but it still feels as if he had more to give considering his initial potential. Despite that, it would be unfair to suggest that he didn’t fight on the pitch and he often made the difference in tricky matches.

On the surface, the idea of seeing Juventus’ number 10 joining rivals Inter on a free transfer does seem controversial, but things are deeper than they appear. Dybala was ready to renew his contract with Juventus before Christmas and it was the club who ended up making cryptic comments in the media and delaying things, leaving the player confused and frustrated.

Considering Juventus’ treatment of him, then, it’s not hard to see why the Argentinian forward isn’t exactly sentimental. Another factor is precedent; there is a long history in Serie A of players bouncing around the biggest clubs, with examples including Roberto Baggio, Christian Vieri, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Patrick Vieira. Dybala would just become the latest in an impressive list.


  1. Chuck

    Why is this even a question. La Joya has given his best for Juve whenever he has been fit. It’s not his fault that Juve reneged on its proposal. I’ll be totally ok seeing Dybala play wherever his heart takes him. He was a true professional while he was at Juve and would leave among the top-10 goal scorers in Juve’s history. Best of luck, La Joya!!

    Full Disclosure – I have been a Juve fan for 20+ years

  2. @jimmy_Stallion

    The honest truth is while the player and club had a loyalty to each other, Dybala’s entourage let him down. It was reported the deal was set to be signed but at the last min the agent increased his fee. What is even more crazy is the agent is not even licensed to do business in Italy. This was the quote from Juve management “players are more loyal to their agents.” This and then yet another injury called the deal to be pulled out from the table. Did they insist on the same contract value or would they have signed the reduced wages like others have? We will never know the truth. The reported deal from Inter is less then what was reported in October.

  3. Frankie

    Chuck – Dybala has not always been ‘professional’ at Juve with countless dummy spits with coaches when substituted, partying along with McKennie and Arthur during Covid lockdowns, not always disciplined in his efforts to recover quickly from his many injuries and often not working hard enough to put pressure on opposition defences – and this from the supposed Vice Captain of the team. To Inter fans – be careful about what you wish for.

  4. villarusso

    Let’s not pretend that the Juve management are loyal to their players. Dybala wasn’t offered a renewal. he can play where he want’s. If they consider him a traitor, them half of their team are traitors. They even took back Bonucci. Loyalty is out the window in football.

  5. Kopuk

    Dybala listened to his manager, not to his heart. And yes, he’s a traitor. No team would accept such behavior. Much bigger names in the world of football like Modric for example, continued their way with their current clubs even for smaller salaries. Dybala wanted much more, but will earn less in Inter compared to his current salary and compared to the salary he refused to accept.

  6. Andy

    He is a traitor if he joins Inter. Not if he joins any other clubs.
    Blaming the management is ridiculous, They r not a charity. Paulo’s performance and injury record are very disappointing, to say the least.
    I agree with Capello, he should talk to the club like, I am OK to get a 5 or 6m for the first season and then negotiate again by performance.
    If he joins a different club, I will still remember his contribution.
    Otherwise he is a coward, traitor and greedy person.
    Full Disclosure – I have supported Juventus since 1980s.

  7. T-no

    What pisses me off is that if the rumors are correct Inter are offering him 6m/season. We should have offereed him something & let him decide fif he wanted to take it rather than just letting him go for free

  8. Vlahovic

    Football Italia, what’s wrong with you? You post inflammatory, ridiculous articles, and when I call them out you censor my comments!!!!!!
    Screw off, idiots!


    Part 1:
    You can’t be serious!
    Yes, Juve pulled out of their agreement in the end, but no one knows the full story (and based on Arrivabene’s comments in winter, it seems fairly obvious there are things beneath the surface), so why jump to conclusions and say management treated him badly?
    But at the end of the day, anyone who joins Inter from Juventus post-calciopoli is a traitor. Those examples are ridiculous- Vieri and Baggio were well before that, and Zlatan and Viera were only there for one/two seasons so it’s not too bad (but they are still considered traitors). A better example is Conte- ask some Juventus fans how they think of him now. I’ll give you a hint- saying his reputation is in the mud is putting it nicely.


    Dybala clearly loves Juve and despite never quite hitting the heights expected of him, has been a great servant to the club.

    He’s been incredibly injury prone and hard to fit into the team tactically for a while and while he’s contributed some BIG goals to the cause, it’s difficult to say that he’s really dragged this team.

    Sentiment and my love for the player aside – 10 million a season for a player that misses 3 games for every 5 he plays is ridiculous.

    That being said – if he decides to join Milan, Roma, Napoli, Fiorentina, Lazio I think we can get over it… if he joins Inter he will immediately erase all the memories.

    Zlatan and Vieira are also traitors… and you have really no understanding of what you’re talking about if you think it is acceptable after 2006 for anyone claiming they love Juve to join Inter. The hatred is incredibly real and still very toxic for a lot of us.


    funny how fans still fighting each other while agnelli and zhang is good friend on IRL. yes there is always sentiment and emotion supporting club but dybala did his best for juventus. and lots of inter player also play for juventus for example pirlo. lots people know pirlo is supporting inter as a teenager, but he never made it into the team, he juventus legend yet he fans of inter.


    @Louch: the only Judas was Juventus management that lied to him and his agent. They have baited him with a contract and then betrayed La Joya.

    No worries, he will get his revenge and it will be ultra sweet!

  13. SArcone

    Eduardo you are genius and have finally solved the puzzle. It was all Juve’s fault despite Paulo not being able to find a competent agent who gave him bad vice. Antun is a used car salesman who was still taking his tests and not even recognised in Italy, hence why he had to do the paperwork on the job whilst Dybala was injured. He must be a bad salesman as he will get his client less money. If that were my agent I would fire him as the whole point of engineering moves is to get something better in terms of monetary value.
    As you are an Inter fan I would expect nothing less then you and your bankrupt club to not know the basics. Either way enjoy Dybala as we will replace him with somebody better. Changing your badge was the biggest clue that your marketing team just follows what we do and it is a compliment to know the smaller clubs look up to us as the shining city on the hill.

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