Milan and Inter are planning to build a new stadium together and have reportedly decided to demolish the Stadio Meazza, but why can’t they build their own stadium?

The Milanese sides share the Stadio Meazza and will continue to do so with their new stadium which could be built in the area of San Siro or in Sesto San Giovanni, just outside the city of Milan.

Milan President Paolo Scaroni has confirmed today that renovating the Stadio Meazza would be ‘impossible and dangerous’, so the Milanese sides will be looking for the best place to build their new home.

A question that many fans have been asking these days is why can’t Milan and Inter build their own stadium now that they have decided to abandon San Siro?

Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis replied a few weeks ago, in an interview with La Repubblica newspaper.

“It is the dream of many fans, but you have to deal with the reality of a prohibitive investment for the financial balance of a single club.

“I am optimistic that the final project of a modern stadium, capable of welcoming families, women, and children and generating new revenues, will be approved.”

A project for ‘the Cathedral’ a new stadium in the area of San Siro was approved almost a year ago but must go through a public debate now to get the green light from citizens living in the area.

The new stadium won’t be ready before 2027-28 as San Siro will host the opening ceremony of the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milano.

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  1. But why doesn’t any English or Spanish club have any of this prohibitive investment risks? Is it because they are not Italian??

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