Video: Why Bonucci and Rebic clashed during Juventus vs. Milan

by | Sep 22, 2021 14:50

Leonardo Bonucci and Ante Rebic argued during Sunday’s Juventus vs. Milan because the Rossoneri striker tried to shut up the Bianconeri fans.

Milan held Juventus to a 1-1 draw at the Allianz Stadium on Sunday, with Ante Rebic responsible for the Diavoli’s equaliser in the 76th minute.

Just before his goal, Rebic had an argument with Bonucci because he had tried to shut up Juventus fans.

Rebic made a foul on Alex Sandro and just after that, he put his finger on his mouth and nose, watching Juventus fans who, probably, had been insulting him.

Bonucci reacted angrily, running towards the Croatian striker and warning him to make any gesture towards the Old Lady’s Curva.

“You don’t say shut up,” Bonucci told his opponent.

DAZN pitch reporter Tommaso Turci confirmed that the duo clashed because Rebic had responded to Juventus fans.

After just a few minutes, the Croat managed to get his revenge by scoring the equaliser.

Juventus and Milan return to the pitch today. The Old Lady visit Spezia at 17.30, while the Rossoneri host Venezia at San Siro at 19.45.



  1. Chris

    Bonucci forever trying to be the headline act.

  2. mjunaedi521

    Bonucci alwayas quarrels with rebic when they both meet in the field.

  3. Dm

    Wants wrong at Juve it’s not just Allegri who’s getting angry it seems every one else is on the edge,
    come on you lot you need to be calm and controlled

  4. Nick

    That made me celebrate his goal even more!

  5. rosario

    That was the same corner that contained the lowlife who hurled racist abuse at Maignan in the warmup. Imagine what ‘normal’ insults Rebic must’ve been getting not only for the foul, but throughout the game. He has every right to tell them to shut up.

    As for Bonucci….well not much more needs to be said of this pathetic specimen of a ‘human’.

  6. DB Milan

    Glad this has been captured in a short video. Brilliant stuff.

  7. bob

    Ooo boy, how much hate can we see even under the sport articles of this great game and a great league….wtf people, just watch, enjoy and celebrate life and let the best win…its simple rule of life 🙂

    peace V

  8. Milan Fan

    Bonnuci? Is that the same guy who tried to run away from Juve to Milan only to go back with his tail between his legs after finding out he’s not as good as he thought he was?

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