If Italy gets an extra Champions League placement, the sixth and seventh-placed teams in Serie A will qualify for the Europa League, while the eighth will go to the Conference League.

If Atalanta and Fiorentina qualify for the Europa League and Conference League semifinals tonight, Serie A will mathematically have five clubs in the Champions League next season.

If Italy finishes in the top two in UEFA’s coefficient ranking, the fifth-placed team in Serie A will qualify for the Champions League, pushing the sixth and seventh-placed clubs in the Europa League and the eighth-ranked team in the Conference League.

The next season’s Champions League will have a new format with 36 clubs involved rather than 32, and two extra spots are granted to the top two countries in UEFA’s coefficient ranking, which is updated with results in every European club competition.

As things stand, Inter, Milan, Juventus, Bologna, and Roma would qualify for the Champions League, Atalanta and Lazio would go to the Europa League, and Napoli would go to the Conference League. However, there are six games remaining in Serie A, and Fiorentina, Atalanta, and Roma’s results in European competition can still change the scenario for Serie A clubs in Europe.

2 thought on “Who qualifies for Europa and Conference League if Italy gets extra Champions League spot?”
  1. In the situation where any of Atalanta, Milan or Roma win the Europa League, but finish outside the Top 5, Serie A could then conceivably have 6 spots in UCL.

    Not definitively sure, but think I read UEFA would allow up to max 10 spots per league in European competition.

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