Which Inter star will leave after Lukaku and Hakimi?

by | May 18, 2022 09:52

Although Inter‘s financial health is improving, the Nerazzurri may still need to sell one of their top players to balance the books in the summer.

La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper reports the Serie A giants need to cut costs by a further 15% during the summer transfer window and make a capital gain in the region of €70m. Therefore, the sale of one of their stars is on the cards. The pink paper reported at the start of May that the Serie A giants would try to get the money needed by selling some of their starlets, but that may not be enough to reach their financial target. Therefore, they could be forced to sell one of their stars at the end of the season.

Inter struggle to resist Manchester City bids for Bastoni

Both Gazzetta and Corriere dello Sport believe Lautaro Martinez is not on the market and the Nerazzurri are unwilling to listen to offers for El Toro. Lautaro is also keen to stay at the Stadio Meazza as his partner Agustina Gandolfo will soon open a restaurant in Milan.

Alessandro Bastoni, on the other hand, has attracted interest from Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City and the Nerazzurri could struggle to resist offers from the Etihad Stadium.

Il Corriere dello Sport confirms the Italy international is one of the Inter stars who could be sacrificed in the summer. One between him, Nicolò Barella, Milan Skriniar and Denzel Dumfries will leave if the Nerazzurri receive a suitable offer.

Inter sold Achraf Hakimi and Romelu Lukaku for a combined €183m fee last summer, convincing Antonio Conte to leave the club. Simone Inzaghi, on the other hand, is aware of Inter’s plans and will pen a contract extension at the end of the season despite the possible sale of one of his stars.



    First of all by letting go of the high earners Vidal and Alexis, both getting the same (or even more) than Dybala will get. Vecino is also leaving for free (another 2.5M net/year). Perisic seems to be leaving as well (another 5M). So that`s 9.5M + 7.5M + 2.5M + 5M = 24.5M just from outgoing players wage.

    Then you go on raise funds by selling players such as De Vrij (30-35M should be possible to a club like Spurs), Pinamonti 25M and hopefully Lazaro & Dalbert. That`s already 70M+ without even taking into consideration fringe players…
    Gravillon 3.5M [done]

    Do you have any other questions Lorenzo?


    De Vrij & Pinamonti. Any other questions?

  3. JImmY

    Small club

  4. Interista4Eva

    i dont think any of them will leave. Specially Barella and Bastoni! Even Skriniar becuase this guys love Inter! I think if Inter sell someone, than it will be De Vrij. And if Vidal,Sanchez, Vecino, Gagliardini and Ranocchia.

    Dybala will come for free and Bremer will come if when De Vrij is sold.

  5. Gino

    Juve di nazionale. TUTTO CONTRA TUTTI 🙅🏻

  6. dzurjakcsopi

    Small brain JimmY.
    If I’m generous to you. Probably no brains.


    @Why is Football Itali…

    De Vrij might be 20m+, given his contract is up in a year. Pinamonti might go for that price, but and epl team may be the only ones to pay it.

    Dalbert and Lazaro will bring in very little.

    Main thing is to offload Vidal, Sanchez and Vecino, the former 2 being paid far too much.

  8. InterFan75

    Sell all stars, anyway from next season Inter will be midtable team like from 2012 to 2017.

  9. Smh

    They sold Lukaku and Hakimi for $183M and still need to sell more players?? Damn, that’s some bad management right there. Skinny years are coming to inter it looks like.

  10. Azzkikr

    Lautaro and SDV will leave 99%. For around 100m combined.

    Bremer is too expensive now with the interest around Europe.

    Some other defender will be signed for around 25-30m and some new cheap dinosaur for the attack. Rest of they money will be banked.

    Inter will struggle to stay in top 4 next season

  11. Vero Rossonero

    I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom. Vidal, Sanchez and Vecino will be let go and that’s a huge wage burden off. Then the smart move would be to sell Lautaro, not Bastoni, because there is a free replacement in Dybala available. So if you get 60-70 for Lautaro plus the departures of old overpaid players and some fringe players Inter is set and can basically continue with the current starting 11. The only real issue is a replacement for rapidly aging Dzeko, but maybe it’s time for Pinamonti to be given a real chance.

  12. putuco

    De Vrij will leave 100% sure and I think a 25m offer will be really generous, I will go more for the 20m mark.
    Vidal and Sanchez will go but not without a severance package since NOBODY will pay those monster wager they command. So they will take around 60-70% of the wages and say goodbye.
    One between Lautaro, Bastoni and Lautaro will be sold. Skriniar is a stepping stone so I don’t see him going. From those, Bastoni is the less likely since De Vrij will go. Don’t see Barella going honestly, specially because no one will pay big dollars for a diver and overrated player

  13. putuco

    I meant one between Barella, Lautaro and Bastoni. If I have to bet in one I would say Lautaro

  14. Libero

    what a bunch of clowns at gazetta…if only they knew of americans that have real italian friends in italy to actually say the truth. gazetta is a toilet paper and so is corrier del sport…just like the national enquirer…drama queen headlines

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