Nicolò Zaniolo has emerged as a top target for Juventus and some of his old Facebook posts seem to prove he would not mind a move to Turin.



The 22-year-old has a contract until 2024 with Roma, but the Giallorossi will listen for offers for him in the summer.

Roma could sell Zaniolo for €50-60m and multiple reports in Italy claim that Juventus are leading the race to sign him. However, the Bianconeri are unable to match Roma’s asking price and will likely try to sign the player on loan with an obligation to buy in a deal worth circa €50m.

Zaniolo resumed training with Roma today but didn’t stop taking selfies and signing autographs for fans as most of his teammates did. Roma fans begged him not to join Juventus, but Zaniolo continued driving without replying (VIDEO).

As a kid, the former Inter and Fiorentina starlet was a Juventus fan, as some Facebook posts that have emerged on social media seem to prove.

Zaniolo cheered on Juventus and Antonio Conte, the at-the-time Bianconeri boss, celebrating their titles under the Italian tactician.

Back in March 2013, when Zaniolo was barely 14, he wrote: ‘Forget Mourinho, Antonio Conte,’ adding a heart emoji.

15 thought on “When Zaniolo cheered on Juventus and Conte”
  1. Zaniolo’s heart is bianconero and I think he can improve a lot at Juventus. And sooner or later Juve will realize that they need other coach.

  2. Juventus will slowly build a team to dominate Serie A again just like 9 scudetto in a row while the Milan clowns just watch & the Roman minnows look in the distance. Zaniolo knows the Juve strength and the possibilities of 9 scudetto straight VS a Conference Mickey Mouse competition of pity

  3. I am Romanista but I understand and respect when a player wants to play for his boyhood club. Thank you for your contributions to Roma and your goal in the cup final. Wish you good health and good future (especially with the Azzurri!)

  4. Lol an injury prone overrated player. Roma would do good to sell him for 40/50mill and he will hardly be the saviour of 0 titoli juve. Might not even start if they get Di Maria who is superior

  5. Certo! io sono romanista. Ci vuole tempo. Ma credo gli resterà alla casa Roma. Lo voglio ma vedremo. invece dei giornali italiani ci sono tanti voci.

  6. Fine with Zaniolo signing, I think he can become a more versatile player at Juve undertaking different roles and he is 22 and Italian, no harm in having him in the squad. Not happy at all with Di Maria for his age and salary, we’ve been here before, short-term impact for a minimal time frame, its just pointless and doesn’t lead to long-term squad growth. Don’t agree with releasing Pellegrini so soon, I think he did ok and deserved another season to prove himself. The interest this season will be in what the Chiesa – Vlahovic partnership looks like and how Gatti settles into the team. As for Allegri, he really should be in the last chance saloon now, his Juve sides lack imagination through his tactical restrictions. If the results don’t come by November, Allegri must go and Juve should try a more modern thinking and positive manager like Zidane or Tuchel (who I don’t think will be at Chelsea for long).

  7. PhD Max is going to take Nicolo to the next level. Okay he did not understand the highway code for buses under Mou. However this is Sun Tzu Max we are talking about. Destroyer of dreams (Kulu) and expert at making players better (Bentancur, Rabiot, Arthur). Zaniolo is quite big. Professor Max might see him as the new Mandzukic or the heir to the Dutch Phil Jones.

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