Part of Atalanta‘s stadium was demolished in June 2023 to build the new Curva Sud Morosini and increase the stadium capacity to 25,000.

Atalanta confirmed this past June that works to demolish the Curva Sud Morosini had started and it took circa one week to complete the process.

The capacity of Curva Sud Morosini was around 4,000 and hosted both home and away fans. Travelling supporters in 2023-24 have a 700-seat section close to the main stand.

It will take circa one year to build the new Curva Sud Morosini and a new underground parking, meaning Atalanta will play home games in the 2023-24 campaign with a reduced capacity of 16,000.

Once building work is completed, Atalanta’s stadium capacity will be 25,000. La Dea are expected to play the first game in their newly refurbished stadium in 2024-25.

Season ticket holders in the old Curva Morosini will have priority to buy season tickets in the same section for 2024-25.

from 20,000 to 16,000

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