‘You lacked respect’ Cassano reveals Cristiano Ronaldo’s message

by | Dec 4, 2021 12:18

Antonio Cassano reveals Cristiano Ronaldo texted him to complain about his claims on Leo Messi being better than him.

On Monday, Messi won the seventh Ballon d’Or in his career with Ronaldo, who snubbed the ceremony in Paris.

It was not the first time CR7 snubbed an award ceremony that did not end with him as a winner.

Cassano has often claimed that ‘there is only one Ronaldo’ (the former Brazilian striker) and that Messi is better than the former Juventus star.

Cassano taunts Ronaldo: ‘CR7 is not even top 5 in history’

Apparently, Ronaldo was not impressed by Cassano’s claims, given that he allegedly texted the former Roma and Real Madrid striker.

“The other day, after Bobo TV, I saw a text from a Spanish number,” Cassano told Bobo TV, the Twitch show hosted by former Italy striker Bobo Vieri, where Cassano is a regular guest.

“Four long texts. Let’s see if he [Ronaldo] confirms it because I also forwarded them to Gigi [Buffon], who told me he had given my number to Cristiano.

“He told me that I had to respect him, I had to respect the goals he had scored, what he had won and what he represents.

“I fear nobody and I replied to him writing that I had just said the truth: there is only one Ronaldo and Messi is better than him.

Furious Ronaldo absent from Ballon D’or ceremony again

“He [Ronaldo] continued saying that he has money. He scored more many goals in his career, while I had only scored 150,” Cassano continued.

Cristiano has everything in life. He should take it easy and be relaxed rather than see what people say about him. He should be like Messi and be more relaxed.

“This is the truth, I called Buffon and told him too, I told Giorgio Chiellini as well.

“I’ve never disrespected him, as a man or as a footballer. I don’t like him, there are 50 players I like more than he, so what?”


  1. Chris

    I wish companies would stop using Cassano as a pundit. His opinions are just insane and oftentimes they just appear to be said to get a response or to be controversial. I personally don’t like CR7 but he is doing at 36 what Cassano was never able to do at any point in his miserable career so perhaps Fantonio should stay in his lane.

  2. juvemania

    great cassano. im a juventini for 20years and i don’t like penaldo. he is the plagues and the cause of juventus problems since he came.

  3. Daniel

    Cassano is right, he’s done nothing wrong. He has his opinion, unpopular or not. Why would Ronaldo even care?? What’s he going to do, message everyone who think Messi is better than him??


  4. Aroun

    Cristiano lives in your heads, you Italians…….first why would cris ever call……what’s his name again?

    This no one lying bc suddenly Cristiano cares about him? Only him? Yeah right? And why from a Spanish number?

    Also you, juventus fans, blaming Cristiano won’t stop your club from drowning no matter how many times you call him penaldo, I know his goals still hurt you, I really understand but it’s not his fault he’s just toooooooo good for you

    Stop using his name

  5. serie a lover

    as a juve fan i am not a big fan of ronaldo. but i respect what he means to the game and his impact. cassano comments just seem to be a hint of jealousy. i think that jealousy comes from the fact that cassano knows he let his wild boy yrs ruin what could have been a great career for himself. noone goes on and on about ronaldo like cassano. he is definitely jealous of his success.

  6. DB Milan

    How big does your ego have to be to text a guy you don’t know and tell him he has to respect you? FFS. What a ridiculous man.

  7. Martines

    Hard to accept this statemnt is without intention to dig at ronaldo again. Fact that he is sharing the text messsage with media is just proof of that and stating “only one ronaldo ..” On side of Ronaldo however i would not react on this, he knows who he is, his goals speak for him, so texting to mr.nobody is useless. Small comment on messi… I simply dont understand how fans can still so aporeciate his qualities to put him as nr one? he is definitely the most talented player but a shadow for past 3years and his teams havent won anything except copa.. To me he is beoynd his horizon and definitely not the best anymore, not even among top 10. His performance in barca nad now in osg just proofs the statement.,,

  8. john klotz

    whether messi is better than cr7 or cr7 is better than messi or cr7 is better than cassano or cassano is better than cr7, who cares we watch football and we get entertained

  9. Gio

    This is a farce no doubt, complete and utter BS. As if anyone cares what Cassano says about anything. Id be shocked if ronaldo even knows who he is. Probably juat some random who texted him if anyone textdd him at all which is unlikely.

  10. Villarusso

    CR7 seems a prima donna. But you have to respect his skill and body of work. And Cassano is a media whore who tries to stay relevant and in the public eye. He wasted his talent. I agree that hey should go into the good night quietly. No one cares for his opinions.

  11. Adam

    This isn’t real, I doubt Ronaldo would seek out this clown 🤡 sounds to me like someone posing as Ronaldo

  12. Antonio

    Cassano is such a loser, who really cares what he says?

  13. Dodge

    Cassano is so Desperate for Attention it’s Embarrassing

  14. Brandon

    Why would it seem strange that Ronaldo has a Spanish phone carrier? He’s probably been with the same company since his playing days.

    You just know Ronaldo is practicing a new goal celebration in case he scores against Italy in March.

    Cassano isn’t the smartest guy out there but neither is Vieri, if we have to be honest.

    I can totally see Ronaldo doing this. Of course, Cassano’s gotta double-down on the trolling, lol

  15. Brandon

    to clarify: since his playing days in Madrid.


    Ronaldo and messi both gifted ballon d oro they not even top ten in history. If they played back then they would have been massacred by italian defense. THe past players will be immortal no matter who comes along.

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