What’s behind Bonucci and Chiellini’s harsh words on Cristiano Ronaldo

by | Oct 22, 2021 10:58

Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini had harsh words for Cristiano Ronaldo and Tuttosport explains that it has to do with CR7’s behaviour inside the locker room and on the pitch.

Both Juventus veterans have recently discussed what went wrong for Ronaldo at Juventus.

“Ronaldo left on August 28 and it certainly would’ve been better if he had gone earlier so we could prepare. Unfortunately, we paid a price for that,” Chiellini told DAZN.

Chiellini: ‘Ronaldo needed team to play for him’

“It does create a shock to the system and we lost points in the opening games because of that. If he’d left on August 1, then we would’ve had time to reorganise and be ready for the start of the season.”

Only a few weeks earlier, Bonucci had made similar claims, adding that Ronaldo’s move to Juventus also had a bad influence on the team.

“Cristiano’s presence had a big influence on us. Just training with him gave us something extra but subconsciously players started to think his presence alone was enough to win games,” he told The Athletic.

Bonucci reveals what went wrong for Ronaldo at Juventus

“We began to fall a little short in our daily work, the humility, the sacrifice, the desire to be there for your teammate day after day. Over the last few years, I think you could see that.”

Although the Portuguese ace scored 101 goals in 134 games with the Bianconeri, Tuttosport reports his behaviour in the dressing room and on the pitch wasn’t quite appreciated by some of his teammates.

Ronaldo hardly tracked back to help the team defensively and never adapted to the team spirit.

According to the report, Ronaldo ‘crumbled’ the rules inside the Juventus dressing room, which are made of equity, unity and humility.

Players felt that the law wasn’t the same for everyone, which affected the team on and off the pitch.

epa09366510 Juventus' player Cristiano Ronaldo arrives at J Medical Center of Juventus, in Turin, Italy, 26 July 2021. EPA-EFE/Alessandro Di Marco


  1. Bob

    Anyone surprised? The idiots that claim this primadonna is the GOAT don’t understand the sport…

  2. Stefano

    players felt his presence was alone to win games lol

    Whose fault is that?

    Ronaldo scored in almost every game

    Shut up and play hard like chiesa did and continues to do which Ronaldo appreciated

    Not a secret Ronaldo is trying to get him

    Not a secret chiesa only praises Ronaldo

    Not a secret on the pitch for the national team chiesa is the only player who brings 100 percent focus and effort

    Juve players didn’t buy into Ronaldo’s expectation and work effort

    I’m sorry but own it


    I am sorry Stefano, I do know what they mean. He does come across spoilt brat and yes he does not go back when the team is in difficulty. He is a great player (not as good as Lionello Messi) but definitely second best. I know there will be plenty that support him and that is absolutely fine and correct but as attitude, I am afraid Leo and Giorgio are right.

  4. jones

    It’s quite simply jealousy…the old dogs couldn’t stand the spotlight being in Ronaldo 24/7. Used to being praised in the media and that was no longer when Ronaldo arrived. It’s so petty and obvious at this point that whatever Ronaldo did or didnt do on the pitch and in the locker room, secretly these guys were annoyed, jealous, scheming and never wanted him gone.

  5. StefanO


    I watched many games and at times Ronaldo appeared to be the only player with fighting spirit and delivered the goods in important games.

    Ronaldo has proven himself in 3 different leagues

    Messi did in 1 league within a system designed for him and now he is flopping outside his first venture into actually an inferior league

    No comparison sorry

  6. Ali

    Chris was not a team player , he was individualy OK , but he was like a poison for teamwork.

    Manchester United will suffer a lot this season.

  7. Mike

    Weak minds look to blame others for the shortcomings, you got one of the best players in history and everyone from the fans to the players resent him, pathetic.

  8. Bruno

    I’m have mixed feelings on this topic. On the one hand, I have huge respect for Ronaldo, his relentless drive, his longevity and the way he has worked so hard to achieve his success. He is an antithesis to all the feckless out there, those who want everything in life but are not prepared to put the work in, make the personal sacrifices and exercise personal responsibility.

    However, I despise double-standards. I don’t like the way that Ronaldo gets away without having to track back, while others are scolded for not doing the same. The occasions where he got to pick and choose when, and when not to play. If I was in the same dressing room, this would annoy the hell out me. It only fosters resentment. The special treatment. Who do you blame though? The player for taking liberties, or the hierarchy for allowing the player to treat Juventus like a country club? This outcome was inevitable, and from a certain perspective, you can see Bonucci and Chiellini’s words as also being a critique of the clubs handling of the situation.

  9. Umberto Micheli

    Dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t – It’s a tough one. Ronaldo has a petulant side and that can certainly do damage in the dressing room. How many times did we see him take feee kicks and 99% of the time they failed – someone should have had the balls to say NO, but you can see that he’s given special treatment. The issue is that he can play a complete crap game for 99% of the game and then come up with good to win with one shot — therein lies the problem – dammed if you, dammed of you don’t.

  10. Darrel jupiter

    This is Natural…. Bonu and Cheili are Not a Fan of Ronaldo since Long way Back… He has Scored to Many offside Goals and None Deserved Penalty Against Juve…. Me alsi Not a Fan of Him…. If it was the Decision of these players to Decide if to Buy Ronaldo,they would have Said Hell No….

  11. JuuLESY

    Spot on Bruno. Inconsistent treatment of Mckennie and Ronnie by the hierarchy over pandemic restrictions breach – albeit different issues – was stark. Never once it looked like the club told him in no uncertain terms who was in charge. The resentment that breeds even among the best is inevitable. The fact that as a club it could not capitalise intelligently on Ronnie’s signing all this time is a damning indictment of the club.


    Stefano are u on another planet Ronaldo failed in Italy the other 2 leagues u r talking about dont compare to Italy. He failed miserably in ITaly and in the end he said he did his job to get Juve into UCL in 4th place. This guy is definitely no GOAT. In Spain he was favored with half his goals on offisdes and penalties and lets not forget the 2 UCL he stole with favored goals on offside such as the Bayern game and others. Ronaldo is for the fans that dont really understand soccer. To compare Chiesa to Ronaldo is a joke and insulting.

  13. Serie a legend

    Juventus is team first, super star second. This is why Conte had the best record in Serie A

  14. serie a LOVER

    look Ronaldo is a great player but many things he did that would have killed the chemistry in the team. for example he never bothered to learn the italian language, also lots of things he did. freying his hands in the air on the field when a teammate didnt pass the ball right. going straight to the dressing room when he got substituted and didnt sit with his teammates. i remember after one game he got substituted early, he went straight to the dressing room packed his locker and left the stadium. i guess it was pirlo so he got away with. but that was never the way juve was built. while ronaldo scored plenty goals. i dont think he could say his shirt was full of sweat from giving his all. it is the same problem i am hearing reported now that he is at man utd. , that ronaldo does not press defenders. it is a funny situation but it is heading for catastrophic ending at man utd. i dont think these are hard comments, it is just called being real by chiellini and bonucci

  15. Serie a legend

    And lets be honest about that Buffon is still better then that Polish keeper

  16. DB Milan

    No shock, watched him do the minimum in Italy, he’s doing the same in England. He will score goals but it is hurting United the same as it hurt Juve. He is an expensive tool for papering over cracks.

    And he’s no Messi.

  17. Chris

    Who need Ronald?MU



    your post is so ridiculous it is impossible to even respond

  19. dangerboy

    Who is Lionello?

  20. dangerboy

    Why are these 2 mentioning it yet again?

    Seems like Tuttosport (pro Juve) just recycled Bonucci’s interview with The Athletic as they needed to fill space on a slow news day.

    At least Bonucci does say good things about him.

    As far as Chiellini, appears to me just recycled words that he said last month.


    Stefano if you were smart enough you would answer.

  22. Thamsanqa Mbatha

    It’s funny how one scores so many goals for Juve and both in the league and championships league but still blame him for the shortcomings of others. The guy delivered in Italy and won many man if the match and player if the year in series A and also as a best Juve player. The guy loves criticism and it builds him ,He is the greatest footballer and the goalscorer in the world..he is 38 soon and you people want to blame him for what? He delivered in Italy beyond everyone and check the numbers as they dont lie. The player is too big and very intelligent too , that is why it’s so hard to manage him. But he is not God . People should learn from him. Apply his mentality and work rate in your life and see where does it takes you..

  23. trini

    People act like this is something new with CR7. In my opinion, he one of the very few “megastars” and If you have him on your team u have to build your team around him, taking into account the pros and cons of his game. Also, the club was / is going through a rebranding on and off the pitch which Ronaldo aided because of his marketability and technical acumen. Leo and Chiello are right. While you cannot dispute his quality, he will stagnate a team that is “rebuilding”. It really is a stick or twist situation when you have him on your team.

  24. Jprime

    He is the greatest footballer and the goalscorer the game has ever produced..check the statistics, the number speaks, he is 38 soon, what do you expect from him, the team needs to be built around him, the players need to understand that they aren’t in same level, he started struggling in his teen, he falls back, dribbles, do the play making pattern, being the set piece man, scoring goes. He has to do what makes him be in shape.

    If that’s his new style to make him be in shape then, The team should know how to do this, help him to help the club. It’s about understanding and love

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