Whatever happened to Milan starlet and Neymar ad buddy Mastour?

Remember Milan youth product and next big thing in Italian football Hachim Mastour? He went from filming adverts with Neymar as a teenager to today signing for a second division Moroccan club.

In 2014 he filmed an advert with Neymar in which the pair were challenging each other at ball skills, but ultimately Mastour proved to be more of a freestyle artist than a team player.

In 2015 he was named by The Guardian as one of the top 50 players born in 1998, showed remarkable technique and talent with the ball and was added to the Milan senior squad at the age of 15, albeit never making his debut for them.

The Rossoneri sent him out on loan to Malaga and Zwolle before he was released from his contract in 2018.

It has all been downhill from there, playing for Greek side Lamia for under a year, then Reggina in Serie B and C.

Today, he signed for Renaissance Zemamra, a side that plays in the Moroccan version of Serie B.

Mastour turned 24 this month.

2 Comments on “Whatever happened to Milan starlet and Neymar ad buddy Mastour?”

  1. Never seemed to grasp the tactics and things went downhill for him immediately after he chose Morocco over Italy.

    Not sure if there is a correlation but it’s the starting point I noticed.

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