OWNIC is launching a brand new way to scout, game and trade with dynamic NFTs (dNFTs), bridging the gap between the digital and real worlds. 

The new platform takes the static non fungible tokens (NFTs) you may already be familiar with and links them to the real-life performances and achievements of athletes including Serie A footballers. You can buy and sell digital collectibles of players such as Juventus and Italy captain Leonardo Bonucci, which can then be used to compete in OWNIC’s games and utilities. Click here to read more about what the games are. 

As players complete both long and short-term career milestones, their cards increase in value by accruing Prima Power (xP). This makes them stronger in the games, where you can win a selection of rewards and prizes. We’re taking a closer look at what those are here, while you can find out much more about OWNIC and its platform by joining the Discord server

Click here to join OWNIC’s Discord now.

What are the rewards?

When you buy one of OWNIC’s dNFT cards, you instantly gain access to the platform’s utilities. These include VirtualScout, InnerCircle, MetaTeam and dNFT Staking. As the cards in your collection gain xP, the more rewards are unlocked and the more exclusive things become. The rewards include: 

Play-2-Earn championship prizes

Competing in VirtualScout and MetaTeam championships puts you in with the chance to win prize money, fixed xP rewards and exclusive OWNIC dNFT cards from upcoming drops. 

Signed jersey lottery spot

When one of your cards qualifies for InnerCircle rewards and reaches 30 xP in the season it’s minted, you get a ticket for a monthly lottery where 10 collectors can win a signed shirt. 

OWNIC Wearables

You can attach Wearables to your cards to boost their xP or sell them on the OWNNIC Marketplace. Cards reaching 50 xP in the season they’re minted receive a Gold Class Wearable. 

Athlete signed PlayStation lottery

OWNIC will hold a lottery to win a signed PlayStation twice each season. To qualify for the draw, you need to have a card that reaches 100 xP in the season it’s minted. 

All-inclusive attendance to an athlete’s home game lottery

Collectors who own a card that reaches 200 xP in the season it’s minted will receive an entry into a lottery for an all-inclusive trip to see that player’s team in action. 

Guaranteed place in an athlete’s MetaVerse space

OWNIC is collaborating with players to create MetaVerse fan spaces for each individual athlete’s drop. Cards that reach 300 xP give the owner a place in the MetaVerse space built for the relevant player. 

Whitelist lottery

Cards with between 10 and 50 xP give you a ticket in Whitelist lotteries. 

Airdrop lottery

Cards with more than 50 xP give you a ticket in Airdrop lotteries. 

Private Discord channel membership

Athletes who’ve signed up to the OWNIC platform will hang out in a private Discord channel, which you can gain access to when you have a card that exceeds 10 xP in the season it’s minted. Click here to read more about Discord and how it plays a central role in the OWNIC community. 

Sign up to OWNIC’s Discord server via this link.

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