What should Milan do if Real Madrid offer €120m for Rafael Leao?

by | May 25, 2022 14:43

There are reports that Real Madrid could offer €120m for Milan star Rafael Leao, so what should the Rossoneri do if the Merengues make their move?

The Portugal star was named Serie A’s MVP by the Leg Calcio, having played a key role in Milan’s title-winning campaign with 11 goals and 10 assists in 34 Serie A appearances.

The Serie A giants are in talks to extend his contract until 2026, but there are fears that during the next meeting with his representative Jorge Mendes, the super-agent will inform the club about an offer in the region of €120m from Real Madrid.

Real Madrid look to Milan star Rafael Leao after Mbappé snub

Leao has a €150m release clause included in his contract with Rossoneri, which expires in June 2024. Club directors Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara are determined to offer their star striker a new deal and keep hold of him unless a top club triggers his clause.

But what if Real Madrid offer €120? Should Milan accept or reject their offer? Vote in the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



    Reject and keep rejecting until they pay 150M.

  2. Milan141

    Ask Leao if he wants to stay, and if he does, reject the offer. If he wants to go, accept the offer and don’t keep him.

  3. Rosario

    Will the club be able to find an adequate alternative at a realistic price in this window? No. Reject the offer and work on renewing the contract. IF that doesn’t work out, then keep him until his contract expires. Milan can achieve much more in the next two years with him being around, that losing yet another top player. He has already repaid what was paid for him, so keep him until 2024 at the minimum.

  4. Ali

    Just Reject it

  5. ACM1899

    150mil is a lot of money to improve the squad. Having said that, you have to have a suitable alternative on the LT to pull this off. Last season, no Leao no Scudetto.

  6. Adel

    @ Rosario… Agree with you 💯%

  7. Gino

    Reject until 150 and buy depaul and osimhen

  8. Milan Fan

    I still can’t understand how or why Real Madrid would want him when they have Vinicius in the same position. I find this rumor hard to believe.

    In any case, in my opinion Milan should reject 120m offers from any club. All the strength of this Milan lies on the left side, where Leao and Theo (and Kessié too) have great chemistry. We’re already losing one element in Kessié, if we also lose Leao Milan will be ruined and we’re gonna be back in year zero, trying our hand at building something with new players.

    Keep him and all the other key players at all cost, build on it. We only need 2 or 3 pieces, the books are balanced and we just won the Scudetto, so the money should be available.

  9. Peregrin Philipp

    Reject or swap with Vinicius plus cash lol

  10. ZiontraiN

    Reject. Milan should not accept anything less than. The buyout clause. Of Leao wants to stay then renew his contract but if he doesn’t we will have to sell him. There’s no point in losing him for free.

  11. A P

    Totally agree with Milan141. If he wants to go, and probably double his wages, then let him. We can use the funds effectively. If he wants to stay, fantastic, and give him a new much improved contract.

  12. Mikhail

    For me it would depend on whether he seems willing to renew, if the chances of renewal seem unlikely before end of July/early August then go ahead and sell for 120m+bonuses. That 120 could buy 3-6 players who can then add to the team overall.

  13. ACE3160

    Ask for swap with Vinicius 😉 They play the same position, LW, so I don’t think Real is interested. In any case, Milan need to keep Leao and build the project around him. Extend his contract and pay him what he wants!

  14. Dazziano Colucci

    We should dig our heals in and resist/reject any offers below the clause. If all fails then sell him for 70 million plus Vinicius and Asencio.

  15. joseph mifsud sollazzo

    we have to keep him he is world star

  16. Milanista82

    @Milan Fan, exactly! This is just dumb media speculation, after the Mbappe saga, the media has linked every possible player to Real Madrid.
    As you said, Real Madrid already have Vinicius and in fact Ancelotti might try to integrate or give more time to Hazard. If they’re ever going after someone, it has to be a clinical striker to replace Benzema like Vlahovic.
    So Leao is a no no.
    Leao is staying and it would be incredibly stupid of him to leave now.
    He has just been voted best player of the season and he can continue to grow at Milan.

  17. Michael

    If he wants to stay, we should give him a much improved salary and lock him down. I would definitely not want to sell him. However if he does want to go, I would sell, but only if we can find a suitable replacement, and have plenty of cash left over from the sale.

  18. Abdul Azim

    Ask the player

  19. Franco

    What? That would be almost as crazy as selling IBRAHIMOVIC and Thiago Silva for 45M!! Who would do that!?

  20. nyr2k2

    I agree to ask the player, but the player must be honest, unlike someone like Kessie.

  21. Azzkikr

    Lmao, leao has been good, but not 120m€ good.

    Obviously Milan should and will take the money and run.

    Realistically they will sell for around 80m

  22. Stan (Milanfan)

    Hold out for €150
    Otherwise sell €120 and invest that money in 2 -3 quality players.. We shouldn’t make the same mistake Lazio and Torino made in Belotti and their Serb.
    I support selling!

  23. Gre-No-Li

    First and foremost, there must be honesty on the part of everyone involved: the player, his agent, the club. So Leão and Mendes need to make their intentions clear in the first place. That said and done, the club can decide correctly, with all the cards on the table. And IMHO, if the player wants to stay, Milan should obviously refuse the offer and renew his contract. Rafa will be very important to this team in future years.

  24. SQUARE

    extend his contract. Release him 3 years later.

  25. Vero Rossonero

    If Madrid meet his clause then there isn’t much to do, but even at 120m I might be inclined to take it. I understand that Leao has been instrumental in the scudetto win, but part of the reason he is so vital is because we have no production at RW, AMC and depending on the day even ST. With 120m we’d be able to reinforce all three of these positions properly. Who would replace Leao at LW? We already have him: Divock Origi. And if you consider Sanshes and Adli as enough to try cover AMC (we haven’t even seen these guys play for us, so they could be enough) then we’re talking about 120m between ST and RW alone. This easily means someone like Darwin Nunez (or Nkunku) and Berardi (or someone even better). Who knows you might even see Nunez, Berardi/Lang AND De Ketelaere at AMC anyway for good measure. It’s hard to argue that Origi, Nunez/Nkunku, Lang/Berardi, De Ketelaere would be inferior to Leao, Giroud, Messias/Saelemaekers, Diaz. The only real concern here is the large amount of squad turnover, considering the impending additions of Adli, Sanches and Botman as well.

  26. Viktor

    @ Franco

    Bitter are we? Seen you post rubbish all over fi. Digest it, we are the champions.

  27. Vosho

    And exactly why would Real Madrid buy Leao who’s is very much a Vinicius Jr in every sense? They still have Hazard for the same position. I find this transfer rumour unbelievable. I’m more convinced by the rumours linking Nkunku to Real Madrid than the Leao rumours. By the way I’m a fan of both Real Madrid and AC Milan. I’m very much a Leao fan.

  28. Smh

    It’s probably his agent behind this story trying to get him a nice raise. Madrid isn’t paying $120M for Leao after Man City paid only $60 for Halland.

  29. Vero Rossonero

    Smh, City “only” paid 60m for Haaland because that was his release clause.

  30. Sam

    Renew right now or move on imho.

  31. Vero Rossonero

    Smh, City “only” paid 60m for Haaland because that was his release clause. Also, his dad got a 40m bonus as his “agent”. So you could say the transfer was around 100m.

  32. Cielnova

    Unless Madrid offer more than his release clause, Milan should keep him. Most people who comment to sell him here are bitter Inter fans who get scare of Leao since they will lose Bastoni/Skriniar next summer.

  33. Vero Rossonero

    P.S. I wonder if Leao crying on the pitch during the immediate post-game celebrations is a sign he knows he’s going…

  34. Vinnie

    His contract would have been renewed if those @#$$&@[email protected] Bahrainis would have stayed away till the season was over. He had the pen in his hand and then suddenly there’s talk of a billion euro investment. No agent would let their client sign that deal until the takeover was complete. Not Maldinis fault, but whoever allowed the information out that Elliott is entertaining an offer royally screwed the club, seeing as we’re now entering the off-season with zero additional transfer funds and every player and their agent having dollar signs in their eyes…

  35. Mikkel

    You don’t win titles with money, but players. Keep him no matter what.

  36. Franco


    Just an ironic joke my friend I am rossonero through and through!

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