What Milan need to qualify for Champions League Round of 16

by | Nov 24, 2021 22:14

Milan could still qualify for the Champions League Round of 16, but they need to beat Liverpool and hope Atletico Madrid draw with FC Porto or a very specific set of results emerge.

Group B is incredibly tight going into the final game, as Liverpool are runaway winners with 15 points from an available 15.

Behind them, FC Porto have five, Milan and Atletico Madrid both four.

Champions League | Atletico Madrid 0-1 Milan: Messias keeps Diavolo alive

In order to reach the Round of 16, Milan would need to beat Liverpool at San Siro in the final game, but that is not enough.

A draw would be the ideal result for them, making a clear difference between Milan on seven, Porto six and Atletico Madrid five points.

If Porto beat Atleti, then they will go to eight points and Milan can at best aim for third place, which means passage for the Europa League.

If Atletico Madrid beat Porto, they will be on seven points along with the Rossoneri.

The first divider here is the head-to-head record, which is totally even, because they won one each and scored two goals apiece.

The next option is goal difference and as things stand right now, Milan have a goal difference of -2 compared to Atleti’s -3.

However, it’s extremely close and still has to be decided by the two final results.

If Milan beat Liverpool 1-0 and Atletico Madrid win 2-0 away to Porto, it could all go down to how many cards the teams have.


  1. Yepe

    Porto will do everything to win the last match at home…never depend on the other match result.

  2. FORZA Juve

    I feel that will happen, milan will beat liverpool and atleti will not lose at porto, but now need to know what is the situation about these cards… Because about goals difference milan still have advantage

  3. To yepe

    I feel porto will not win, really.. Or if they win than most possible milan will play at europa league at least…

  4. FORZA Juve

    I counted, atletico have 10 yellow and 2 red cards, milan 15 and 1… So in this situation is atletico advantage I think… But milan still have that one goal… And not sure how much worth is red card against yellow

  5. Peter King'ori

    A draw between atletico and Porto is foreseen then Milan will qualify

  6. Milan Fan

    A lot of things must go our way in the final round. Honestly I don’t like our chances but there is a chance and we’re still alive so we should go out there and try our best to beat Liverpool. Everything else is out of our hand.

  7. FORZA Juve

    Believe me chances is very nice at least to stay in europa league…

  8. House Party

    Direct Red = 3 points. 2 Yellows/Red(I.e Kessie’s) = 3 points. Yellow = 1 point. So Milan have 14 + a double yellow so 17 points. And Atletico have 10 yellows and 2 direct reds = 16 points. So far! But Milan’s 5 Goals For/7 against is better than Atletico’s 4/7 record. Milan have a GD of +1 better than Atletico’s and an overall Goals Scored/For of +1 better than Atletico’s too. So far!
    Let’s Go Milan! All to play for. And at least they finally got a deserved win in the UCL to lift morale. : )


    Finally a win for Milan, and deserved too. Hopefully Liverpool won’t care in the last game, and that’ll give Milan a decent chance.

    The article says the head-to-head between AM and Milan is even, but don’t AM lead in the head-to-head because they got 2 away goals in Milan to Milan’s 1 in Madrid?

    If that’s so, then Milan can only go through with a win and a draw in the other game. If it’s goal difference, that gives them more of a chance.

  10. wow

    No its no atter away goals from this season so chances is much bigger now if beat liverpool

  11. rosario

    Regardless of the scenario or combination of results, EVERY Milan supporter will have taken the idea of the team having a chance of qualifying going into the final game. Just to have a chance despite the terrible luck, injuries, player suspension and 1.5 bad games vs porto, and clearly lacking experience at this level is a blessing. We never deserved to lose vs Atleti at home, and tonight it was a totally deserved victory.

  12. ACM1899

    All we can do is win our last game. That’s it. The rest is luck/karma… Forza Milan!

  13. Maldinis hEIR

    A very deserved win. It was always going to be a tough group, and Milan didn’t help themselves against Porto in particular, but we have had some shocking refereeing decisions including Kessie’s sending off, the A Madrid penalty, and the Porto goal.

    Even last night the ref didn’t bother checking the Ibra penalty claim (the only possible basis for it no being one was that he was offside).

    So despite all that, to still be in it with a game to go, and playing against a team already qualified, I think the manager and the team have done phenomenally well.

    And what a story about Junior Messias: from delivery driver to the Champions League!

  14. pity milan

    hahaha, beating Liverpool is too much for Milan, let alone qualify for the knockout stage. Their performance in the group stage is awful, they don’t deserve to be on the next stage.

  15. Ibukun Arigbede

    Porto cannot beat athletico @ home,they both play stupid boring football, it will end in a goales draw.

  16. Cmm


  17. FERBAN


    Yes, I think you’re right. Suits Milan so. 👍

  18. joseph mifsud

    im proud of Milan a good game wish them luck for the coming game Milan for life

  19. USORO

    Politics aside, Milan would be through by now, even though Milan would still be through in the end.

  20. USORO

    Milan even dominated atletico at the Wanda. So confident!

  21. Feroli

    Brilliant result and well deserved as Milan played well in all their CL group games. Just worth mentioning though how easy this was for Liverpool. Not a single point dropped in the ‘group of death’ The gap between the PL and Serie A is now a chasm. Even La Liga can’t keep up. Well done to both Milans. One through – hope the other makes it too.

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