La Repubblica Torino reports part of the interrogation of Juventus players by the Turin prosecutor, with ex-striker Paulo Dybala allegedly confirming an agreement with the club.

The Turin Prosecutor suspects that Juventus players didn’t give up to four months’ wages, as claimed by the Bianconeri in March 2020, but received payments for three months after the peak of the COVID pandemic without registering the transitions in the balance sheet or informing the market.

The Turin Prosecutor heard all Juventus players in March 2022 and Repubblica Torino reports part of the interrogations to some players, including Dybala and Federico Bernardeschi, who left in the summer and Danilo who is still at the Allianz Stadium.

According to the report, multiple players, including Gigi Buffon, Dybala, Danilo, Bernardeschi, Adrien Rabiot and Alex Sandro, confirmed to the prosecutor that the agreement was to give up to just one month’s salary and not four. However, Juventus had specified in an official statement in March 2020 that players could have received payments if the season had resumed.

“We didn’t take long to reach an agreement,” said Danilo, according to the report.

“It was during the lockdown and I had remained in Italy.”

On the other hand, Dybala was abroad in March 2020 when the COVID pandemic began.

“It was a confusing period, I remember when we took the decision, all together,” said the Argentinean striker.

Investigators said that most players made ‘generic statements’ when asked how many agreements they had signed with the club.

“I don’t remember exactly,” continued Dybala.

“But I remember clearly that when we had signed the agreement [about the salary cut], we had already reached an agreement with the club. In one, we renounced [to salaries], in the other we received payments for three months. Basically, we were earning double in some months of the following season.

“Everyone thought we wouldn’t get paid for four months; nobody knew we would still have received money for three months,” he continued.

“I didn’t want to agree, I wanted to receive all the money, but then my group of work advised me to sign because we were on good terms with the club and it could have given a better perspective for a contract extension,” Dybala added when asked about a second agreement which would see Juventus player’s salary reduced in the second part of 2021.

“I am not very good with dates, but I think I signed only once,” added Juan Cuadrado.

“I remember I signed three copies of the same document at Continassa, which mirrored the agreement. We gave up to one month’s wage, getting three months back the following season,” said Danilo.

Dybala left Juventus at the end of his contract in June 2022 and when he spoke to investigators this past March, the club had already decided against extending his deal.

This information has been leaked out by police because there is no jury system in Italy, it’s just judges. In the UK or US, this kind of evidence in the mainstream would be considered damaging to any trial.

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  1. The 7/9 better get Cafu away from the cameras and any microphone asap. She is not trained like Chiellini who was schooled for years by the Wendy’s of Europe. After all he has a degree and is quite smart for a football player. Cafu on the hand is a brick layer and best if he and Roberto Carlos say nada.

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