What Italian media say about Bennacer’s disallowed goal in Inter vs. Milan

epa09733264 Referee Maurizio Mariani checks a replay on the VAR monitor during the Italian Serie A soccer match between Venezia FC and SSC Napoli in Venice, Italy, 06 February 2022. EPA-EFE/ALESSIO MARINI

Ismael Bennacer’s disallowed goal in Inter vs. Milan has caused controversy and Italian media give their verdict on the incident that occurred in the second half at the Stadio Meazza.

Bennacer’s goal was disallowed after a VAR check for the offside of his teammate Pierre Kalulu who was beyond every Inter defender and, according to referee Maurizio Mariani, interfered with play.

Inter vs. Milan: why Bennacer’s goal was disallowed – video

Stefano Pioli vented his frustration after the final whistle suggesting that his defender did not penalise Handanovic nor prevented the Inter goalkeeper from performing a save. But what’s the view of Italian media on the incident?

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Mariani’s decision was debatable and Kalulu’s offside appeared to be ‘passive.’ Mariani was rated 5.5 and his call was seen as the only slight mistake in the game.

Il Corriere dello Sport and Tuttosport offered exactly the same view. The Rome-based paper said that even Mariani had ‘more than a doubt’ in front of the monitor and didn’t seem entirely convinced about his decision.

14 Comments on “What Italian media say about Bennacer’s disallowed goal in Inter vs. Milan”

  1. Nobody cares, Inter were superior in all aspects of the game and everyone saw it.

    It would have been the same result: Inter to the Finals.

  2. So much talking about disallowed goal and offside, that was not so clear situation. But nobody talking that referee missed to give faul on Lautaro and yellow card to Kalulu. So Milan come from that situation to corner and goal. Poor acm, referees are always against them, 🙁

  3. That’s why you will always celebrate trophies given to you through boardroom decisions or gift from referee. I am a neutral here, but Italian football stinks of corruption.

  4. I miss rubentus in series b. Did you say Linda were superior throughout the game or you watched members of your family played against linda???

  5. I MISS JUVENTUS IN SERIE B, it doenst matter cuz corrupt inter is involved. if juve would have won like ti, u would cry like a 7 year old girl like always. Joke of a club and fans

  6. I think for revenge all Milan have to do is win the league. But I fear to do that they actually must play decently and win matches something that is very hard to happen so I guess they’ll blame the refs. The ref was stopping on every Milan foul but just let fouls against Inter go on many occasions. I think Milan should know even with the goal given Inter were still going to the final. Pioli crying about that disallowed goal just shows Milan won’t win anything under him.

  7. Forget about the result. Maybe it would have ended 2-2, maybe Milan would’ve won or maybe Inter would finish the game with an even heavier score line like 4-1 …

    That’s not really the point. It was the Coppa and the most important thing was entertainment. Referee butchered the game with a dubious decision at that moment and deprived the world of a breathtaking finale to the game.

    When they say Italian football has become a joke and will never be as exciting as the English one, it’s exactly because of these decisions. Referees are a big problem in Serie A. I could write a book about the issues, and it’s not only their mistakes, but how each one of them approach a match in a completely different manner.

  8. @Milan Fan – it’s not this that gives the comparisons between Serie A and EPL… The difference there is the huge oligarch bloodmoney. EPL is a 2-tier league with Man City and Liverpool lightyears ahead of the rest. I see more excitement in Serie A where the pack is far more bunched up.

  9. It is funny how Pioli and Milan fans are crying about a correct decision here but fail to mention the fact that Lautaro was faulted moments earlier before the disallowed goal. His boot was basically taken off by a Milan player that stepped on him. But the fault went unnoticed. In addition, there was a clear fault and penalty on Darmian that should have resulted in a 2nd yellow for Theo…

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