OWNIC is building a new digital platform that creates a real-world connection between athletes including Serie A footballers such as Leonardo Bonucci and online scouting, trading and gaming. 

In utilising dynamic NFT (dNFT) and blockchain technology, OWNIC is able to produce collectible digital trading cards of players that are linked to real-life performances and achievements on and off the pitch. The fully licensed digital platform allows you to track players’ careers and truly put your scouting abilities to the test.  Get more information on OWNIC here.

OWNIC’s dNFTs use Wyscout’s data collection and analysis to collect Prima Power (xP), which increases the strength of the digital cards. This makes them more valuable both for the rewards-based games the platform offers, as well as in a monetary sense should you decide to sell your collectible. 

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What are OWNIC dNFTs?

OWNIC dNFTs are digital collectibles primarily taking the form of sports trading cards, which are linked to real-world events. The dynamic nature of the collectibles means they can grow in value as athletes reach certain short and long-term milestones, allowing you to share in a sportsperson’s success. OWNIC’s dNFTs are a step forward from static sports cards, and provide you with access to utilities, games, experiences and rewards. 

The digital collectibles are fully licensed by players and/or clubs such as Leonardo Bonucci and Manuel Lazzari, and they also use licensed data from Wyscout to trigger algorithms that update the cards in real time. As the xP of a card rises, the collectible increases and retains value, including when players move clubs or even retire. 

There are different Card Types with varying degrees of rarity, while players are attributed traits based on their skills and playing style. As xP is gained through milestones and skills determined on the back of 28 performance metrics, the strength of a card contributes to the overall power of your collection. You can also influence this by adding wearables such as football boots and jerseys to your cards. 

OWNIC is building a Discord community where you can find out what signing a player like Bonucci actually looks like. Not familiar with Discord? Find out more about it here and then sign-up below.

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What do OWNIC dNFTs get you?

ONWIC dNFTs give you access to the platform’s games, as well as the other utilities, experiences and rewards on offer. This includes scouting game VirtualScout, where you can compete in weekly and season-long competitions against other collectors. There’s also MetaTeam, which gives you the opportunity to build your very own club from the ground up. Want to know more about how to play with OWNIC dNFTs and win cash prizes? Click here.

OWNIC’s dNFTs also provide you with access to the InnerCircle, allowing collectors to interact with players and win things such as signed merchandise, tickets and rare dNFTs. You can also trade your dNFTs on any marketplace in order to try and turn a profit. 

How are OWNIC dNFTs different to other NFTs?

OWNIC’s dNFTs are different to other non-fungible tokens (NFTs) you may have heard of due to their dynamic nature. Whereas regular NFTs are static, dNFTs are dynamic and are linked to real-life events. OWNIC dNFTs introduce a sense of timelessness as collectibles increase in value and act as a ticket to the utilities, games and rewards the platform offers. 

You can use OWNIC’s dNFTs to compete against other collectors in various ways, including a form of card game where you put the strength of your cards up against competitors. Scouting plays a big role in the platform’s ethos too, as you are rewarded for spotting talent early and seeing your cards rise in value. 

You can discover everything you want to know about OWNIC over at the Discord channel, where you can ask all the questions that pop into your head about dynamic collectibles and dNFT technology.

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