Lorenzo Insigne on Italy training

There are suggestions the €11.5m per season salary proposed to Lorenzo Insigne by Toronto FC is a misunderstanding, as he’d receive closer to €5.7m, but that’s still a lot more than Napoli are ready to pay.



Multiple reports in Italy have stated the remarkable figures on offer for the Azzurri striker would be €11.5m per season, plus up to another €4.5m in bonuses.

However, MLSSoccerItalia point out these might be a slight misunderstanding due to the very different tax structure in Canada.

While in Italy they tend to cite salaries as net – after taxes – in Canada and North America the figures are gross, so before tax.

Taking the taxes into account, the €11.5m per season would in fact be closer to €5.7m as an annual wage.

That is significantly less than has been reported, but still a definite improvement from the package on offer at Napoli to extend his contract.

President Aurelio De Laurentiis has only gone as far as €3.5m per season.

Insigne is the captain and a hometown hero, but De Laurentiis has only proposed a contract extension that would lower his current salary, which is €4.5m.

6 thought on “What are Toronto FC really offering to Insigne?”
  1. Canadian taxes. Toronto weather. How much money has he made with Napoli? Is his family going to be happy? And if he and his agent are trying to intimidate ADL they are fooling themselves.

  2. Toronto weather during the playing season is quite comfortable.

    In July it will be about 35’C. In early season or late season matches it could be about 7’C.

    Goes to matches in the US South like Florida or Southern California.

    He will be fine.

  3. If he making more 2+ million EUR than he get a offer from ADL, taxes not a problem. Weather not a problem as they playing in summer. Much better and newer stadium, training facility, and facility in Toronto than in Napoli. Supporter is good over there, lot of popularity and not with violence and dangerous supporter that we are seeing in Serie A. Owner of Toronto are very wealthy, own a big icehockey team and can paying players good salary, good housing. Toronto compared to Napoli 100 per cent more clean, less crimes, Insigne will be happy over there. He, Seba, and Andrea going to be gli amici.

    What we Italian people do forget, Toronto not in USA, which have a bad football culture. Toronto football culture good, is better than other MLS.

  4. The the most important difference between Toronto and Naples would probably be crime and cleanliness, no? Seems that would be pretty important. Unlikely, he’d get his house broken into while at a game (happens to players in Italy every season). Taxes in Canada are not that much worse than Italy. As to the climate, a few games are played in November/December, it wouldn’t be that much different that games played in northern Italy in January/February. Let’s stop trying to blame Insigne and consider that ADL is trying to LOWER the salary of his captain, Napoli hero and one of his best players.

  5. I know Toronto very well.

    All the teams (hockey, baseball, basketball, calcio) stadiums and training facilities are in the downtown core.

    Aside from the hockey players that are from Toronto, ALL the athletes are only there for the playing season. They rent condo’s in the downtown core. I’ve even seen a couple. The clubs will take care of that. 3 of the 4 teams, except the baseball team, have the same owner.

    To play MLS in November or December, your team will have had to advance deep into the Playoffs. If not, I think they are done in late October. I have seen an early season match in Salt Lake City (March) and the playing conditions were brutal.

    I know for a fact Toronto FC has their Pre Season Training Camp in Florida.

    Travel will be worse as it’s a continent, but all players put up with it.

  6. Insigne would rather be in Naples than anyplace else. ADL knows this and is low-balling him. As a native, he loves the city. I don’t think the comparisons with Giovinco are fair to him. He’s a starter at the club and the national team.

    I hope he stays with Napoli. He could perhaps come to Toronto in a few years.

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