What are OWNIC’s career Milestones?

OWNIC is using dynamic NFT (dNFT) technology to create a unique new platform where you can scout, trade and game with officially licensed digital collectibles. 

The platform’s dNFT cards are linked to how athletes perform in real life, establishing an intriguing link between the digital world and the real world. As footballers in Serie A and beyond complete certain career Milestones, they accrue Prima Power (xP). The more xP your cards accrue, the stronger they are within OWNIC’s games and utilities. 

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All of OWNIC’s dNFTs are officially licensed by players such as Italy and Juventus captain Leonardo Bonucci, and his international team mate, Lazio’s Manuel Lazzari. To find out more about the players who’ve signed up to the platform, as well as how the games and utilities work, head over to OWNIC’s Discord server. This allows you to join a growing community and get involved in the conversation with fellow football fans about all things Serie A, NFT and more, while also getting sneak peaks at the latest player drops. Click here to read why OWNIC is using Discord to build its online community.

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Career Milestones

As soon as an OWNIC dNFT is minted, it’s entered into the Milestones system and can start gaining xP. The more milestones a player completes, the more its dNFT power is boosted. This means your collection grows in strength and value, both for using in the platform’s games and when selling your cards to other collectors. 

Milestones are essentially the cornerstone of the OWNIC platform, as it rewards collectors for spotting emerging talents early in their career. You can snap up a card of a relatively unknown player for a low price in the infancy of their career, and then reap the rewards as the card grows in value. 

There’s more than 300 Milestones for footballers to complete. They range from simply turning out and playing more than 70 minutes of a match, to winning, scoring and keeping clean sheets. Hat-tricks, goals from outside the box, scoring with a weaker foot and making last-ditch tackles are all rewarded with points. 

The same goes for playing 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 matches in a season, ramping up an impressive goal tally or for a goalkeeper, making a raft of saves across the campaign. Some Milestones can be achieved multiple times a season while it’s only possible to complete others once per campaign. 

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Milestones Categories

There’s a dozen different categories within the possible Milestones a footballer can achieve. They are: 

Match Events

This includes points for winning, scoring, creating chances, as well as dribbling past players, winning the ball and other in-game achievements. 

Performance Milestone

Players are rewarded with points as they reach a certain number of games for the season, score goals, make assists, keep clean sheets and make saves. 

The David Milestone

This category includes things like beating clubs in the top six, avoiding relegation, finishing in the top 10 and qualifying for European tournaments. There are also extra points for achievements such as when a player’s team wins a game despite having someone sent off in the first half, or beating the team that’s top of the league. 

Fergie Time Challenge

Named after legendary Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, this category rewards teams for coming from behind to win. There are 50 points for coming back from one goal down, 500 points for overturning a two-goal deficit and 1,000 points for three goals. 

League Special

These rewards apply to different leagues, involving things like winning to nil in Serie A, scoring five goals in a game in the Bundesliga and winning with more than 65% possession in La Liga. 

Rookie Milestone

Rookie cards are rewarded for achievements such as when a player makes their first team debut, starts the first game of the season, scores their first goal and makes their first assist. 

Big Match Milestone

This category revolves around players performing on the big occasion, such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic scoring against Juventus, Lautaro Martinez netting versus Milan and Tammy Abraham hitting the back of the net against Lazio. 

Derby Milestone

In a similar vein, 100 points are awarded to players who are on the winning team in big derby games such as the Derby della Madonnina, Derby d’Italia and Derby della Capitale. 

Individual Achievement

These milestones include some of the biggest prizes a player can win in football, including the Ballon d’Or, FIFA Player of the Year and other top individual honours. Domestic player of the year, player of the match and player of the month awards are also rewarded. 

Career Achievement

One of the key categories in terms of scouting talent includes points awarded to players who are sold for transfer fees of more than €10m, €30m and €50m, while there’s more for players who go for €80m or €100m. Signing bumper new contracts also gains rewards here. 

Social Reward

As you can probably tell from the name, this category awards points when players get to 10, 50 and 100 million social media followers, while there’s also a reward for signing new sponsorship deals. 

Team Achievements

Players who are part of teams that win tournaments such as the Champions League, Europa League and Copa Libertadores receive points, as well as domestic titles and cups. There’s 2,000 points for a domestic double and 5,000 for a continental treble. 


From having five shots on goal in three consecutive games, to scoring runs, winning aerial duels and completing successful dribbles, key passes and interceptions, there are dozens of milestones in the Streaks category. 


Traits include things like Fox in the Box, The Wall and Golden Glove, and when a player has a particular trait, they gain points for milestones such as scoring, tackling and making saves. 

Ultimate Achievement

A player’s card type can be upgraded in a new season’s release, meaning your collectible increases in strength and value. 

As players complete these milestones on and off the pitch, the points are turned into xP and applied to their card. To do this, the points are multiplied by the card’s rarity coefficient and then divided by 100. 

Taking Son Heung-min’s performances from 2021-22, you can see in the image below that he would’ve achieved a total of 8,208 points if he’d signed up to the platform. This is then multiplied by his original World Class card type coefficient of 1.2, and divided by 100 to give an xP of 98.5. 

Other influences, such as attaching wearables to the dNFT, can boost the xP. You can find out more about OWNIC’s wearables and why xP is so important on the platform by joining the Discord server via the link below. 

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