West Ham fans excited by Scamacca Premier League debut

Italy international Gianluca Scamacca made his Premier League debut today, and while he did not score, West Ham United fans were already impressed.

The 23-year-old made the transfer from Sassuolo for €36m plus €6m in add-ons and a 10 per cent cut of the selling-on fee.

He came off the bench for the final 33 minutes of West Ham’s 2-0 home defeat to Manchester City this evening, though that small cameo was already enough to get the supporters excited.

6 Comments on “West Ham fans excited by Scamacca Premier League debut”

  1. I don’t know why Juventus did not go for Scamacca. They need a another striker, yet are desperate to go for players like Morata and Arnautovic. Same with another Italian talent in Udogie – Juventus have a critical need at LB where most of their conceded goals come from, yet Tottenham have been allowed to close in on Udogie. Crazy management that is influenced by the dinasauor that is Allegri.

  2. My grandma who has been dead for 15 years could’ve done more than Antonio. Helpless whilst his team played park the bus and he was left being tightly marked by Diaz.

    It is normal that later in the 2nd half, energies slightly drop and more space opens up for a fresh sub to try and capitalise on. But prem fans are fickle. Give him 3-4 barren games, and they’ll quickly turn on him as a waste of money.

  3. @Rosario sure, but that was exactly my point: nothing to get excited. West Ham was so badly outplayed and Areola entered to give away a cheap penalty

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