Watch: Venturato snubs Inzaghi handshake after Reggina beat SPAL

Watch as coach Roberto Venturato ignores Filippo Inzaghi’s attempt to shake hands following Reggina’s 3-1 win over SPAL.

Inzaghi’s side were in control throughout the match and rarely looked at risk of dropping the result, keeping a 3-0 lead until the 79th minute, when they allowed SPAL to claw back a consolation goal.

After the full time whistle, Inzaghi went over to shake his counterpart Venturato’s hand, the usual post-match sporting gesture, but Venturato clearly had other ideas and shot down the tunnel at the speed of light, leaving the former Milan star unimpressed.

3 Comments on “Watch: Venturato snubs Inzaghi handshake after Reggina beat SPAL”

  1. Courtesy does not mean cowardice. Awful gesture that one and speaks more about Venturato than Inzaghi

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