Watch: Remembering Balotelli’s semi-final brace vs Germany

10 years ago today, Mario Balotelli scored his iconic brace against Germany in the Euro 2012 semi-finals.

The Italian forward, who was about to join Roberto Mancini’s Manchester City, had a fairly anonymous tournament prior to the semi-final clash, netting only once in a group game against Ireland.

In a rematch of one of the most memorable World Cup semi-finals in recent memory, Italy again prepared to face Germany on June 28 at the PGE Narodowy in Poland. Despite the tension, the Azzurri got off to a flying start as Balotelli headed home his first of the night after 20 minutes, catching Antonio Cassano’s cross well.

16 minutes later, Balotelli scored what could possibly be the seminal goal of his career. A well-placed long pass by Riccardo Montolivo was controlled deftly by the forward, who then stormed down the pitch to face Manuel Neuer. Just as he was entering the penalty area, he struck a cannon-like shot straight into the top right corner, giving the Azzurri a 2-0 lead.

Italy won the match 2-1 and both Ballotelli’s goals and his iconic celebration after the second became part of Azzurri history.

6 Comments on “Watch: Remembering Balotelli’s semi-final brace vs Germany”

  1. How we could do with a forward of his calibre at moment. Should have gone on to win 100+ caps and become Italy’s all time top goal scorer and still be in the squad today!!!

  2. The best Italian forward in the last decade by far… Belotti, immobile, petagna, etc are all fake and fancy….long live Mario, long live Ballotelli

  3. Balotelli should have been brought back after the Euros which would have really benefited Italy in qualifying vs all the other foreigners from Brazil or Argentina.

    Balotelli was immature and played a major role in ruining his career but the Italian coaches including Mancini ostracized him unfairly just like they did Baggio at the end and their actions were petty, vindictive, selfish and inexcusable too.

    Balotelli, is 100% Italian despite his many detractors/haters and wanted nothing more than to be given another opportunity to represent his country and the beloved Azzurri, what a waste and a tragedy. He deserved another chance and its heartbreaking to see how he was treated when he bleeds the Tricolori.

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