Watch: Milan trio Hernandez, Rebic and Diaz draw attention with pointed celebrations

All four of Milan’s goals in their 4-2 win over Udinese yesterday were accompanied by interesting celebrations, sparking discussion amongst fans.

Theo Hernandez kicked things off with his 11th minute penalty at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza yesterday. After finding the back of the net, the Frenchman appeared to tell off goalkeeper Marco Silvestri for trying to put him off.

The second goal, scored four minutes later, saw Ante Rebic celebrating by putting a finger to his mouth, doing the pointed ‘shhh’ gesture. When celebrating his goal, Brahim Diaz pointed to his ear and looked at the Curva Sud, presumably saying something along the lines of “I can’t hear you”.

Finally, Rebic’s second goal saw him celebrate by making the money gesture, giving the fans something to think about after the match.

3 Comments on “Watch: Milan trio Hernandez, Rebic and Diaz draw attention with pointed celebrations”

  1. On his first goal, I didn’t see Rebic putting a finger to his mouth. He sucked his thumb.

    That money gesture was certainly aimed at someone(s) though.

  2. Didn’t see him making that gesture last year when he wasn’t contributing. That’s right, Ante – time to earn your money for a change.

  3. @ ACM1899 His last minute strike against Salernitana secured a vital point which was the difference between winning and losing the title. I think it was a dig at the other players looking for big contracts possibly his direct rival on the LW who didn’t have a great game.

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