Luis Alberto likes anti-Sarri message on social media

Luis Alberto

Maurizio Sarri said Sergej Milinkovic-Savic and Luis Alberto can’t play together and the former Liverpool midfielder liked a comment against his coach on social media.

“At this moment, Milinkovic-Savic and Luis Alberto cannot play together,” Sarri said after Lazio‘s 0-0 draw against Olympique Marseille on Thursday.

“After the latest game, I realised it wouldn’t happen. If we are up against a more defensive opponent, then we could try that, but we watched Luis in training over the last few days and decided he is better suited when the game is played at a slower tempo.”

Sarri: ‘Milinkovic-Savic and Luis Alberto can’t play together’

Safe to say, the Spaniard didn’t enjoy his coach statements much as he liked a comment criticising the 62-year-old on Twitter.

“Think what a m**** Inzaghi was. He made them play together and win for five years. Strong players must always play together. Otherwise, you are not a great coach, Mr. Sarri,” it’s the translation of the comment liked by the former Liverpool man.

Luis Alberto had a troublesome start to the campaign as he didn’t show up for Lazio’s training during the first week of the pre-season.

He explained his stance to Sarri and the club and was fined €50,000.

The Spaniard has played 11 games so far this season, scoring one goal and delivering four assists.


3 Comments on “Luis Alberto likes anti-Sarri message on social media”

  1. His attitude is questionable at times, he is great for us but sometimes I think he feels he is a world beater! He isn’t an international and that should indicate to him something is missing, still he is great I’m sure this is just a kick up the ass by Sarri

  2. Signor Lazio, I just don’t think it needs to be as confrontational as that. It shouldn’t be a conflict, it should be down to the manager to figure out how to make use of a clearly brilliant football player.

  3. This guy thinks he is better than he really is. And this attitude does not help the team at all. A few games at the bench maybe makes this guy gains some humility

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