Watch: Balotelli reacts to Azzurri return

by | Jan 24, 2022 20:12

Mario Balotelli looked back at a fond memory as he reacted to the news that he’s been called up to the Italian national team again.

Coach Roberto Mancini has handed the 31-year-old Italian striker a call up for the first time in over three years as he looks to build a squad for the Azzurri’s upcoming World Cup play-off matches.

Balotelli reacted to his call up on his Instagram page, sharing a photo of his famous Hulk celebration from the Euro 2012 semi-finals against Germany alongside a blue heart.


  1. Mr Lazio

    Struggling to understand why he has been called? Is he on fire in Turkey or something?

  2. J Sardo

    Get over it. Italy needs him

  3. Kam

    I guess things are desperate for Azzurri. First they thought about asking Joao Pedro to play for Italy and now Balotelli who was in Serie B!


  4. Stefano

    When you rely on your midfielders to score, then there is a problem with your strikers. Enter super Mario Balotelli – Experience on all levels & a complete attacking prowess.

  5. Ros

    Get Scammaca instead of that clown to play for the Azzuri. I bet he’s not gonna resist to do something stupid and will leave the Azzuri in a few months. They comment something stupid about Mancini (again), and leave the team for sure.

  6. Peter

    What a sad and desperate move from Mancini, I expected better from him. It is madness to bring back such a disruptive player to a united team.

  7. Ralph

    It’s an Italian and he’s eligible to play, how many goals has your almighty strikers has scored? Why are the Italian in the play off if not lack of goals, the guys is called first time in 3 years and you are still running your mouths, leave the guy alone and y’all should go and work on yourselves

  8. Forza Pescara

    Mancini and Ballotelli won the English Premier League together at Man City… Balo made the touch that set up Aguero for the goal that won it all. If anyone can get the best out of Balotelli, it’s Mancini. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  9. Roy

    Hope he grabs this opportunity and doesn’t do anything stupid. Forza Azzurri 👊🍀💙

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