Wanda Nara accuses Icardi of cheating on her: end of their story?

by | Oct 17, 2021 09:09

Wanda Nara accused former Inter captain Mauro Icardi of cheating on her, so the couple apparently broke up.

Wanda Nara is the agent and wife of the Argentinean striker who swapped Inter with PSG in 2019.

They started dating when Icardi was a Sampdoria player and a close friend of Maxi Lopez, a former Argentinean striker married to Wanda.

Icardi and Wanda got married in 2014, but their relationship seems to have come to an end.

The Argentinean showgirl posted two stories on Instagram where she accused the striker of cheating on her.

‘You ruined another family for a w****,’ she wrote in Spanish.

The story remained online for a few minutes with Wanda who also unfollowed Icardi.

The Argentinean showgirl cancelled the story before publishing it again.

Repubblica.it quotes Argentinean media saying Wanda informed them that her story with Icardi is over.

The Argentinean striker is struggling with playing time at PSG and has been linked with a return to Serie A, where Juventus and Milan are interested in securing his services.

The end of his relationship with Wanda Nara would have consequences on his professional and private life, given that the 34-year-old was also his agent.

Icardi, 28, scored 124 goals in 219 appearances with Inter from 2013 to 2019.

epa07386412 FC Inter's forward Mauro Icardi with Wanda Nara during the UEFA Europa League Round of 32 second leg soccer match between FC Inter and Sk Rapid Vienna at Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in Milan, Italy, 21 February 2019. EPA-EFE/ROBERTO BREGANI


  1. SArcone

    ha ha ha serves her right, what comes around goes around. Karma!
    I do not want him to come to Juve as he has too much baggage, and we do not need the circus show. At 28 we can surely find better alternatives. Maxi Lopez must be smiling. Not a great player but an honourable and thoroughly decent man.

  2. CanbcN

    What goes around comes around

  3. Sergei T.

    @SArcone 100%

  4. Michael

    Oh this is rich. Wanda, who dumped her husband for Icardi, now finds herself on the receiving end and doesn’t like it…


    Has FI turned into the gossip pages for the stars? This is a football website. Why do we have to read articles regarding extra marital affairs of people?

  6. soloInter

    I’m surprised it took this long. Lol Again a great example of why business and personal stuff should never mix. What will the agent decide to do next ?

  7. martinn

    you have to laugh when heats think they`ll build something based on lies. it always ends up this way, or in a life full of doubts

  8. Atamuno Shirley

    FI can publish any article that deals with a player’s private life cause as footballers they are public football. The story of Icard & Wanda Nara has strong football connections beginning from betrayal of Maxi Lopez her ex-husband (a footballer) to the crumbling of the dirty affair between Icardi (a footballer) and Wanda Nara (him wife/agent)!

  9. DD

    ‘You ruined another family for ANOTHER* w****,’ :V how did she got it wrong

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