Ivan Juric’s future at Torino remains uncertain and according to Tuttosport newspaper, Nikola Vlasic will return to West Ham if his compatriot leaves the Granata at the end of the season.



Vlasic moved to the Stadio Grande Torino on an initial loan deal from West Ham last summer and the Granata have an option to buy for €15m.

According to Tuttosport, his future is tied with the fate of his compatriot Juric, who has a contract until 2024.

President Urbano Cairo wants to extend with the Croatian coach, but Juric wants technical guarantees to continue at the club. Aside from Vlasic, Juric also wants the permanent signing of Aleksei Miranchuk from Atalanta for €12m, reports Tuttosport.

The former Hellas Verona boss said a few weeks ago, that he sees a future with the likes of “Ivan Ilic, Samuele Ricci, Alessandro Buongiorno, Wilfried Singo, Perr Schuurs, Antonio Sanabria, Vlasic, Miranchuk and others,” but admitted he wouldn’t extend if the Granata keep selling players and changing key members of the team every summer.

Torino’s decisions in the market will have a significant impact on the future of Juric who wants to keep Vlasic at the club at all costs. Juric will likely abandon talks with Torino if the Croatian midfielder doesn’t join permanently, likewise, Vlasic will return to West Ham if his coach doesn’t extend.

Torino director Davide Vagnati discussed the future of Juric in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport on Monday.

“He has another year left in his contract and it will be important to finish these two months well, as the coach has repeated. At the same time it will be equally important to plan the future,” he claimed. “As President Cairo said, the future must be with Juric.”

Vlasic, 25, has four goals and four assists in 26 appearances with Torino this season.

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