Vlahovic won’t even pick up the phone to Arsenal

by | Nov 9, 2021 18:51

According to Sky Sport Italia transfer expert Gianluca Di Marzio, Arsenal have been trying to contact Fiorentina striker Dusan Vlahovic, but the agent won’t even take their calls.

The striker turned down a new contract extension and his current deal runs to June 2023.

Ideally, the Viola would sell him abroad in January or the summer for €80m.

Vlahovic the third Serie A star to snub Arsenal move?

Their fear is that the Serbia international has already struck a deal with Juventus and will reject all other proposals until he gets his way, similar to the approach taken in recent years by both Federico Chiesa and Sassuolo’s Manuel Locatelli.

Now Sky Sport Italia transfer pundit Di Marzio claims Arsenal are desperate to sign Vlahovic and would meet the €80m valuation in January.

However, while the Gunners are in talks with Fiorentina, they can’t progress because Vlahovic’s agents are not even bothering to pick up the phone when Arsenal call.

The London club is eager to presents its vision and project, but his entourage is blanking them.

Tottenham Hotspur might be a more appetising prospect now Antonio Conte has taken over, but Vlahovic has made his position on Arsenal clear and that is they’re not even worth listening to.



  1. Dan

    That decision May very well come back to bite him… 😉

    Choose wisely…. 😎

  2. Chuck

    Come and become a Bianconer legend, Dusan!!

  3. Besart

    Wise young man he knows going to the training academy or the boys brigade will result in 0 trophies.
    Juventus, Tottenham, Liverpool or City will be better for him as they have top coaches who can raise his game and yes I mentioned Allegri.

  4. Che

    Come to Juventus. He’ll be a great back up for Chiellini and De Ligt.

  5. Mik

    Tottenham and the word trophies don’t belong together…

  6. Juve PH

    I agree, he should come to Juventus. But he is no back-up to Chiellini and De Ligt, simply because he doesn’t play in the same position.

  7. Gio

    Unprofessional to not even pick up and make their position clear.
    Not wanting to join Arsenal I can both understand and respect but to not even bother to pick up the phone is both unprofessional and pathetic behavior from his entourage.

  8. Gio

    [email protected]

    Great back up to centre backs?
    Probably just as great back up to allegri or maybe the goalie coach to?

  9. I MISS JUVENTUS IN SERIE B, should have been relegated to serie c 🤡

    Fiorentina losing AT LEAST 20m just because of Rubentus behind the scenes agreements.

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