Vlahovic must drag himself out of crisis

by | May 8, 2022 10:21

Despite Massimiliano Allegri’s defence, it’s obvious that Dusan Vlahovic is failing to show his best with Juventus and now it’s time for him to turn things around.

The 22-year-old Serbian striker has now not scored in his last three consecutive outings and he was visibly frustrated on the bench after being brought off in the Bianconeri’s 2-1 defeat to Genoa on Friday. Vlahovic scored 17 goals in the first half of the season for Fiorentina but has only netted six in Serie A since making the switch to Turin.

Allegri tried to defend Vlahovic to the press after the loss to Genoa, feeling that “if he always played like this it would be good for the team. He doesn’t realise that the performance is good.” The stats from the match show, however, that the Serbian striker did not have a good match.

Against Genoa, Vlahovic only made 25 touches, won two of seven duels, made zero interceptions, crosses or key passes, took one shot on target and forced only one foul, a sign for a fairly invisible performance. In comparison, in Inter’s 4-2 win over Empoli, Lautaro Martinez made 47 touches, won 11 of 17 duels, took seven shots and scored two goals.

Whilst it would be remiss to directly compare the two, considering the difference in playstyle between teams, it’s obvious that Vlahovic is not hitting the heights he expected in Turin. He’ll need to shake off this frustration and start firing on all cylinders though, as Allegri won’t be able to defend him forever.


  1. Bury

    What crisis? This is a 21 year old who scores every 2 games and does what the coach tells him to, it’s not vlahovic’s fault or problem.


    There is no crisis, just Lord Allegri with his special tactics tinkered for Juventus.

  3. poopii

    Piatek comes in mind. Hopefully not the same story. Compare him to Pato at a young age,
    and skills term he is no way near that level, compare him to oshimen and abraham, leao, and he is not as gifted.
    His best weapon is grit, in my oppinion a poor mans Haaland.

    Paying so much for some one that has proven half year only, is ridiculous.

  4. charles

    @poopii – Vlahovic not as gifted as Abraham and Oshimen? you must be the biggest joker in the entire universe. Y’all just come here and spew rubbish! Abraham and Osimhen have nothing on Vlahovic. yes, he has not scored as many as he did whole at Fiorentina, but juve is a different team that plays differently. But looking at talent, you better get your head outta your butthole and know the truth!

  5. ForzaInter

    Crisis. What a load. The guy is performing and is an exceptional talent whose harness is way way way too tight in this system. Does anyone now wonder why Ronaldo wanted to leave rather than play in this system? Vlahovic has performed very well since his arrival. Anyone else would be actually struggling and not just to score but to find their way into offensive opportunities. Any team would be improved with him and Juve is definitely improved since his arrival. This editorial is plain wrong.

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