Dusan Vlahovic is ‘looking forward’ to playing with Juventus in the USA and gives his verdict on the signings of Angel Di Maria and Paul Pogba.

The Bianconeri will take off for the USA next week, facing La Liga giants Barcelona, Real Madrid and Mexican side Chivas in the first three pre-season matches.

They will first face Chivas on July 22 in Las Vegas, then Barcelona in Dallas on July 26 and Real Madrid on July 30 in Los Angeles, in their final match on American soil.

“I’ve already been to the USA with Fiorentina in 2019, it was a great experience and we are happy to go there. We are looking forwards to playing against big teams,” Vlahovic said at a press conference at the Allianz Stadium, attended by Football Italia.

“I joined Juventus last January during the season, but this is the past and we must look forward, preparing at our best, keeping everything we left behind last season.

“Surely playing against great teams is great, but we are focused on our preparation, I think these games can give us a lot. The MLS is growing, a lot of European players are going there, also some from Serbia, I follow the league, I like how it’s moving forward, I think they are doing an excellent job.

“I know Chivas, I played against them with Fiorentina, I know they are a great Mexican team, they’ve won many titles, surely a great team, and it’s always nice to play against these sides.

“We are looking forward to playing in Las Vegas. Hopefully, there will be many fans. Pressure is normal in life and football, we must deal with it and go ahead, I am focused on work and with patience, I will achieve everything I’ve imagined.”

Vlahovic and Juventus have recently welcomed Angel Di Maria and Paul Pogba. The Argentinean will likely be a regular starter in attack, providing much-needed assists for the ex-Fiorentina star.

“We all know him as a player, a great champion with a great career. I am thrilled to play with him and we’ll try to do better than last season,” said Vlahovic.

“I am available for the team, everything it’s easier with my teammates, I have no problems and I’ll play where the coach wants.

“With the arrival of Pogba and Di Maria something will change, I am happy to share the dressing room with these players. We want to prepare at our best and face this season in a determined way, doing better than last season.”

Vlahovic will also have a chance to play with Federico Chiesa again. When he arrived at Juventus in January, Chiesa had already sustained a knee injury and had been ruled out for the rest of the season.

During the same press conference, Juventus boss Allegri said he hopes the Italy international will return in mid-September but will be at his best at the start of 2023.

“I’ve already talked a lot about him [Chiesa],” said Vlahovic.

“Everyone knows what I think. I am looking forward to playing for him. He has improved a lot here and we need patience with him after the surgery, I am looking forward to playing with him and winning together.”

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