Dusan Vlahovic

After Federico Chiesa rejected a new Fiorentina contract and more lucrative Liverpool move for Juventus, it’s reported Dusan Vlahovic is ready to follow the exact same path.

Chiesa was eventually allowed to leave on the final day of the 2020 transfer window, having turned down an extension with the Viola, but also refused to even consider offers from the Premier League.

It was recently reported that Liverpool had bid far more than Juventus, both in transfer fee and personal terms, but Chiesa had already promised the Bianconeri that he’d go to them.

According to reports in Vlahovic’s homeland of Serbia, the exact same pattern could be repeated next summer.

Vlahovic has already rejected the improved contract extension offer from Fiorentina President Rocco Commisso and his current deal runs to June 2023.

Already multiple reports are confident that Vlahovic has committed his future to Juventus and will follow Chiesa’s lead in refusing to even consider other options.

As La Gazzetta dello Sport suggest, Liverpool again are offering the most money, but will be snubbed in favour of the Old Lady.

It is another blow for Fiorentina fans, who consider Juve to be their ultimate rivals in Serie A, tension that goes back way beyond when Roberto Baggio made his way to Turin.

13 thought on “Vlahovic follows Chiesa snubbing Liverpool for Juventus?”
  1. And people here actually believed that he wouldn’t go to Juve because “bigger” clubs want him or something. Unless a player is very attached to a specific team and doesn’t to betray the fans like Cavani with Napoli, no player from Serie A would reject a move to Juventus.

  2. Juve are kind of like the development club for young players. They come to Juventus, get trained and taught very well… then when they are world class, there is usually a huge offer from England- which Juve have to consider. We will see the same scenario play out with De Ligt I expect. It is a reality of the current situation but hopefully Juve can hold on to the Italian core, and maybe win the CL one of these days!

  3. I am not a Juve fan but it is good for Serie A in general to keep as much talent as possible in the league. Much rather see him carry on in Serie A at Juve than go to England. Also a good sign for the boy’s character that he’d turn down more lucrative offers overseas to go to Juve. A rising tide lifts all boats.

  4. JM, you are absolutely right. Regardless of whichever club we all follow, it’s great for the whole of Serie A if we can keep as much of the talent within Serie A. With Newcastle now being given a huge cash injection, Serie A is in more danger of losing good players. It’s getting boring watching the EPL clubs dominate European competition.

  5. Rocco please don’t do it, don’t sell him to juve, that just would be a mockery. If he doesn’t go abroad this winter I would prefer year and a half in the stands for Dusan, and than we will see if his beloved juve will still need him.

  6. i am not one for hype. i still need to see this guys second season because he has only been off to a ok start so far

  7. @chris but since 2011 the only young players who became better that leave juve are pogba to man utd who wanted back to there and morata which madrid had a buyback clause. Romero never played for juve, Cancelo and coman only spent one season at juve while kean not really a world class.

    sure some big clubs give a huge offers to to current young players but i think they all now juve as bigger as those clubs, so juve not really just a development club

  8. Frank@

    Wake Up. You dreaming if you think tjuve are a club at the level mbappe would even consider being an alternative for his next destination.
    When his like Ronaldo 35+ you could maybe be a club he would consider but where he is in his career today it’s laughable you seriously thinks Juventus are at that level.

  9. JM@

    Character? To make the club that developer his talent and gave him a shot accept a bad deal?
    Is that showing character in your eyes?

  10. Personally don’t see someone accepting Juve over EPL unless they are Italian and grew up loving the shirt, like Locatelli

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