Vlahovic deal is one of the most expensive Serie A transfers ever

by | Jan 28, 2022 20:07

The deal that saw Dusan Vlahovic move from Fiorentina to Juventus is one of the most expensive ever transfers between Italian clubs.

The 22-year-old Serbian striker has joined the Bianconeri in a deal worth €80m in total, signing a five-and-a-half year contract worth €7m net per season. He will become the focal point of the team’s attack in their post-Cristiano Ronaldo era, with his eye for goal being crucial for coach Massimiliano Allegri.

The transfer of Vlahovic from Fiorentina to Juventus is the second most expensive deal between Italian clubs ever, with the record being held by Gonzalo Higuain’s move from Napoli to the Bianconeri, which cost €90m back in 2016.

The third most expensive ever deal between Italian clubs was Hernan Crespo’s move from Parma to Lazio in July 2000, which cost €56m in total. Behind that was Gianluigi Buffon’s transfer from Parma to Juventus, a deal that cost around €52m.


  1. someone

    if you calculate inflation, the crespo and buffon transfers are most likely much much more wilder and crazier

  2. Mikkel

    Keeping Dybala is now imperative.



    Not really. He might do well alongside Vlahovic, but he’s been hot and cold since he arrived. The real issue is the entire team around Vlahovic, because it’s just not good enough, especially the midfield. And Chiesa being out is another blow.

  4. ACM1899

    And then we wonder why Juve is in the red to the tune of 300mil at the end of the year? LOL!!! Hope this kid pans out for them. He’s young and if he keeps up his form, they might even resell him at a crazy profit to the likes of PSG or Madrid.

  5. Solointer

    Allegri will be so happy he got another player that will defend and get that precious draw. Juve fans are really delusional they actually think the guy will save them even next year. Other than Fiorentina where else has he proved himself. There’s a reason Inter and other big clubs didn’t go for him especially when Lukaku was sold. It’ll be up to him now to prove his worth but unlike Ronaldo who’s a goal scoring machine Vlahovic is more traditional forward who depends on service to score. Only time will tell but this transfer is a good example of taking a big risk.

  6. Recoba

    He is a flop 100%

  7. Recoba

    Just look at his face

  8. GIO

    [email protected]

    What do you know? Inter wanted cheaper alternatives when they sold lukaku.
    If they where out to spend 70-80 millions then they had been interested of vlahovic to.

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